Prom look book 2022

Jack McNamara:

“Going into Prom, a few friends and I had the idea of wearing something fun to our last dance. Personally, I thought this sounded like a great idea. So, I looked on the web for a floral suit and came across one that was floral and had giraffes on it. I only bought the coat because the pants didn’t come in my size and would be too short even if they did. I am pairing the coat with some other navy blue pants I have. My shoes of choice for this dance are my Birkenstocks. I will also be adding a Hawaiian macadamia nut lei and shell necklace. Some may say, “This is your last dance, and it’s prom, and you should dress formally and nicely.” But the way I look at it is, I am my own plus one to the dance, and why not go out with a bang.”

Erika Trisch:

“I wanted a dress that was extra and different but still tasteful, and this Sheri Hill dress checked all the boxes for me! I loved how simple it was in the front but had the dramatic train and bow in the back. I have cooler undertones normally, so the red of the dress really flattered me. I got so many compliments on it, and I loved the way it looked with the background we chose for our pictures, and my date also did a good job pairing his suit for pictures. Overall, it was such a fun time, and I put so much time into picking out my dress, but I truly can say I loved this one so much!”

Sammy D’Alexander:

“Well you see, I wanted to go for something handsome—something truly dapper to celebrate the occasion of Prom 2022. Since I’ve been told I possess a charming, masculine aura, I decided nothing would ‘suit’ me better than this tuxedo I got from Men’s Warehouse. Haha. Get it? I thought that play on words was quite funny. Anyway, I believe such a fine garment as this perfectly encapsulates the essence of a Casanova such as myself, and I could not be happier to express this side of myself for all the world to feast their beautiful eyes upon.”

Emily Smith:

“Choosing my prom dress happened to be the most difficult decision for the past 3 weeks. I wanted complex simplicity which is almost impossible to find. [I was] looking on multiple websites and stores just to be underwhelmed and lose feelings of hope. My mom saw my struggle and wanted to help as best she could, so she pulled out my sister’s prom dress from 2014—a beautiful silk dress with bright colored beading and an open back. I immediately fell in love and couldn’t wait to try the dress on. A few alterations and the dress is perfectly ready for my last, first prom.”

Sophia Johnson:

“I had been to about 5 stores before I found my dress. I was looking for a dress that was unique and something I hadn’t seen before. I went all the way to Lansing to the store where my sister had gotten her prom dress. My dress was the first dress I saw when I walked in, and I knew that it was the one. I thought the cape was so cool, and it definitely fit my criteria of being unique. My dress was the only dress of its kind in the store, and the fact that it was my size was meant to be.” 

Holly Mclenithan:

“I saw this dress on a website, and I immediately knew that I loved it… it was just princess-y enough for me. Not too poofy but not too tight. The only problem was that they sold it in about 10 different colors, all of which I loved. So I bought three of them: blue, green, and pink. My bank account was not happy for a few weeks there. I ultimately chose blue because I have worn pink to a few dances already, and the green made my hair look a little bit green. Thankfully, I got a full refund for the extra dresses!”