We are guaranteed a fashion-forward fall with this detailed list of predictions



A quote to live by

Waiting for fall in a state of angst and dread is an ideology I will never participate in; I simply love it. 

Not to brag or anything, but I am a top-tier pumpkin carver, and my annual win in the family competition is my favorite way to restate my dominance as the elite sibling. Along with this, I love the season for the menu upgrades it places on Starbucks, along with the never-ending thanks I can declare for the donut selection that arrives with the change in weather. 

However, fall reigns as my most cherished season for one main reason: the clothing. 

The chilled weather has set in for no longer than a mere three-day streak, and I have already begun addressing the attire change that has tagged along with it. In the summer, many adhere to the basic mold of small tops and big pants. Now, not to say this isn’t cute, but I am just not as married to the idea as many are.

For one, sometimes I just want to wear a baggy top. I love how a corset looks in pictures, and usually, I tend to feel good about myself in it for a few moments, but as the night goes on, shirts such as these become itchy. To add to this, I feel like any meal immediately makes me have the critical obligation to rip off any constrictive top and unbutton my jeans. Am I rather embarrassed to admit this online? Yes. but do I think this is a widespread tradition we neglect to address? Yes. So let me be the first to publicly acknowledge this.

Fall tends to stray from this uniform of small tops and big pants. Sweaters, for one, play a major role in this. I have noticed that the pants paired with these have begun to shift from the usual wide-legged jean with a rip at the lower knee to maybe a few others.

More recently, I have noticed a more flair-style jean. Not a complete bell bottom, but one that is tight until lower or mid-thigh, that has a wide leg bottom. To add to this, I love to see a cut that isn’t completely capri, but ends slightly above the ankle, so an entire high-top sneaker or boot can be seen. 

Last fall, we saw a lot of black leather pants, also with the tight top that loosens down the shin. And while I don’t imagine this style will completely disappear, I think we face the inevitable rise of brown leather; the same style is likely. Brown is such a fall color, and while truthfully I can’t tell if brown is just a part of this lengthy trend of earth tones that must be meeting its imminent end soon or not, nonetheless, I just love it so much.

Brown is such a fall color—and while truthfully I can’t tell if brown is just a part of this lengthy trend of earth tones that must be meeting its imminent end soon, nonetheless, I just love it so much.

In terms of jackets, I don’t see much divergence from the past few falls. Puffer coats will, without a doubt, be seen again, but I am not sure which style will dominate the season: it will be one of two. The first option is the more round, basic puffer shape. This is usually shorter and the sides round out more. The other option is the more square-like shape. Maybe this has a fuzzy hood, but the layers of the stacked coat are likely less airy than its rounder counterpart. Both have a role to fill in the season’s practical wear, but I’m patiently waiting to see which we will see more.

Straying from arguably winter wear, let’s visit the vest. Throughout the duration of middle school, vests were the epitome of stylish, but they drifted from the fashion scene for a while. Last year, I saw them sporadically, but this year, they have already made their reappearance. The new form is slightly cropped and very puffy. It is basically a puffer coat without sleeves. Regularly, I see this paired with a smaller top. One look I really can back up is a tighter long sleeve that is heavily cropped and a high-waisted pair of jeans with a puffy mat-black vest. That is a “yes” in my book. 

To touch on the loungewear I foresee for the season, pants-wise, I simply present wide-legged sweats. Flares too, but my emphasis is on just big sweats with no tight rim on the ankle. 

For tops, I have a few favorite options. I love crewnecks, so it goes without saying this is an obvious choice. Thicker shirts—that I’m not sure if they can be classified as crewnecks—with a V-line neckline, or buttons or a zipper ¼ of the way down the center with big sleeves are also a stylish and comfortable way to elevate your lounge attire. 

Before I end this piece, it is crucial to discuss footwear for the season. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with Doc Martens, but I have seen a significant drop in their popularity. Nonetheless, I will always be able to support a little platformed or heeled booty. To stay in the category of platform, a high-top platform converse will always be my tried and true shoe necessity. The lugged style, or really any with a detailed sole, really fits the season, and I just think everyone should invest in a pair. 

With any of these options, I think a higher detailed sock is just adorable. For example, a frilled edge or embroidered design. Please, I love it. 

Lastly, the UGG boot will never be out, or at least I hope it never is. The simple slipper style or very short ankle booty is just too comfortable to go out of style.

And that my friends, is my lengthy list of suggestions and must-haves for this fall. I, for one, will be sticking to this itinerary for all of my fall endeavors, and hope I could help some of you out and influence you to do the same.