A Letter To You

A Letter To You

Hannah Kos, Staff Writer

A letter to you.

The one I love.

The one I don’t love.

The one that said hi to me in the hallway or smiled at me on a bad day.

Hey thanks. Thank you for being you. For caring about me. I appreciate it.

2016 has been hard, and judging by the numerous memes and finsta posts that have been rolling through my feed, I’m thinking it was for a lot of people. So thank you, because I’m pretty sure you had some bad days too; however, you still showed up, you still smiled at me, dealt with my weirdness, laughed along with me.

I’ve gone through a lot too. Maybe you’re my best friend and you are wrapped up in everything I have been through, or maybe not. Maybe you only know me by the staff profile page and a story I wrote about your best friend. Maybe you know the bossy girl that attempted to organize the float during homecoming. Either way, thank you.

We have gotten through this year together. We have walked these halls and shared these seats, talked to the same teachers, done the same homework, and taken the same tests. We have done it together. Every day I came to school and it has made everything a little bit better and yeah, I know, how, its school? To be honest, it’s all because of you

The people

It really is the people I see laughing with their friends in the hallway, the smiles I get, the how are yous, and the I hope you’re having a good day. You make it better, you make it worth it.

Thank you.