Why a dog would make my life better


Alexandra VanElls, Staff Writer

Ever since my dog, Tasha, died five years ago, I have asked my parents countless times if we could get another. The answer has always been the same: “No.”

Tasha was apart of my family since before I was born, so all I had ever known of when I came home from school was a little, fat dog running to greet me. After she died, however, I was devastated. It was a few months after she died that I asked for another dog. I knew when I was ready for another, but my parents did not want one whatsoever.

Over time, each time I asked for another dog, the response changed. First, it was because I played travel softball and we had no time to train a dog. Now it’s because once I graduate from high school, my parents insist that they want to be able to just hop on a plane to Florida and golf for the weekend, and having to send a dog to the kennel would create too much of a hassle. But let’s be honest, they probably won’t ever do that.

I am a responsible person. That’s a fact. I could take care of a dog and find the time to train it. I know I wouldn’t be able to bring the dog with me to college (my parents may have me cornered there), but I would even be willing to adopt a six year old dog. And then I would, theoretically, not have to train it. Plus, it would be easier on my parents when I head off for college.

In my opinion, every child should grow up with a dog. All I want is a big, fluffy dog with a shiny, wet nose to welcome me home everyday and make me smile, especially when I had a rough day at school. Dogs are always loyal and loving, something everyone needs in their life. I have had so many dreams where I have a puppy, and then I wake up and my dream is crushed into a million pieces. Hopefully, sometime soon, it won’t have to be a dream, but a reality.