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These are the places where I get the best sources of inspiration

Arpita Das
A collage of where I get my inspiration from.

I have always been one of those kids who spent a copious amount of time on the internet. This consists of being a consistent fan of influencers’ lives on YouTube, grabbing cheesy life quotes from Instagram, and now, listening to, who I believe to be, the most influential public speakers in the world. 

However, wherever I get my inspiration from, there is always a hint of corniness enveloped within it. Referring to corny life quotes will always be a part of me, but now, it’s time that I share these sources of inspiration with the world. 

Instagram accounts: 


Out of all the accounts I follow on Instagram, this account undeniably falls within my top two for all things inspiration. @WE THE URBAN has quotes on almost anything that you can think of. 

According to, Willie Greene, the founder of @WE THE URBAN, started the Instagram account in 2009. Over the past decade, Willie has accumulated millions of followers through his motivational quotes through networking with other, well-known public figures. 

 Their posts consist of life advice on how to navigate relationships, mental health, hardships, and even positive affirmations you can repeat back to yourself. 

Inspiration is somehow always surrounding us.

happiness project 

Next up, we have the @happinessproject, which is both a nonprofit organization and an Instagram account with a simple goal in mind: to end the stigma around mental health. 

Their meaningful advice on Instagram, combined with their positive messages through their clothing, is what makes it such a welcoming environment.

 I always appreciate coming across this account on Instagram because I know that whatever content I’m taking in, it always comes in the form of a “friendly reminder” to always be kind to myself. 


On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

Referring to Jay Shetty’s website, he begins his story as a monk in India at the age of 21. His struggles and desires from a young age have helped him to become one of the most well-known public speakers. His podcast On Purpose is ranked in the top 100 in the United States by Spotify and is a  podcast I would highly recommend to anyone looking for ways to fill their spare time. 

I catch myself listening to On Purpose both when I wake up and go to bed, as well as when I’m on road trips or want to spend my time doing something both productive and beneficial. But even when I miss an episode of the podcast, I still try to stay up to date with Jay Shetty and his life on Instagram, which can be found at @jayshetty

The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial 

Rob Dial is another influential figure who falls within the category of “public speaking.” According to his website, Dial falls within many job titles: author, podcast radio host, blogger, and, of course, public speaker. 

The Mindset Mentor is also ranked in the top 100 podcasts in the United States on Spotify, and despite the fact that his podcast seems similar to On Purpose, here is what makes it unique: The Mindset Mentor is the podcast that I think of when I think about connecting my mind to my soul. It’s a podcast to help you discover more about yourself so that you can make your life easier. 

Evidently, these are only a select handful of where sources for motivation come from; Inspiration is always surrounding us, not only found from these sources. 

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About the Contributor
Arpita Das, Publicity Editor
Arpita is a senior entering her third and final year as a staff writer on The Central Trend. She has been a part of the Science Olympiad team since the 9th grade and made the choice to step down this year but joined Model United Nations and DECA her junior year. When Arpita isn't writing, you will often find her rewatching The Flash on Netflix, playing the piano, doing press on nails, going on walks, studying at the library, and visiting new coffee shops. Despite the fact that it's her last year of high school, she is so excited to see what senior year has in store for her and is excited for the pieces of writing that she will produce. Favorite book: Wonder by R.J. Palacio Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo Favorite color: Navy Blue Favorite class: Advanced Writing for Publication and Honors Model UN  

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