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Strays has established itself as a comical masterpiece


On behalf of me and my friends, I would like to apologize. 

I apologize for the ear damage we inflicted on you. To all the people at Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids North, viewing the comical masterpiece Strays on August 19, 2023, feel free to reach out to me and request your money back. My friends and I were potentially guilty of causing your disrupted viewing. We apologize not only to you but also to your ears, for the constant boisterous laughter receding from our mouths for the one hour and 33 minutes we coexisted in the same theater. I apologize for my actions, but I, without a doubt, could have in no way controlled the laughter spilling out my lips. 

The proper-etiquette-public-movie-watcher in me feels completely ashamed of my actions, but there is also something in me that says I do not need to apologize. I may have been the loudest in the theater, but I am not the only culprit of laughing. I believe every single person in that theater saw their life flash before their eyes. After all, they did not have enough oxygen in them because they laughed it all out. From what I saw, this epitome of a comedy film brought happiness to the theater—especially to me. 

Starring Will Ferrel and Jamie Foxx, the movie Strays is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a comedy that is most definitely inappropriate, but so inappropriately perfect. Meaning, I hate it when someone makes a “dirty” joke trying to be funny but just ultimately making me unconformable. Strays is the opposite; it is the epitome of perfectly timed vulgarness. 

I could not describe a better plot as someone who is a dog lover but also a comedy lover. I could not describe a better plot as someone who is a dog lover but also a comedy lover. 

This comedy tells the story of a dog who has become a stray—hence the title—and is going through a hard time accepting his new life; because of this, he wants to take revenge on his previous filthy owner with the help of fellow strays. I could not describe a better plot as someone who is a dog lover but also a comedy lover. 

The day I saw Strays for the first time was my birthday celebration. It was not just any birthday, it was my sweet 16. I did not want to do some big party that I would be too stressed out hosting to enjoy; no, I wanted to do something that would be easy and fun. So, my friends came over, and we tanned all day at the pool and had Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Those two things were guaranteed to be a simple and fun time. The real toss-up was if I picked the right movie to see to end my birthday. Not only was seeing Strays a comical experience, but it made my night. It was most definitely the right choice.  

As a girl with two older brothers, I never got the remote. I never picked the movie. When I was younger, I was furious about this, but as I got older, I stayed silent. Until recently, I spoke up and told them to watch Strays—that was the first time I had given a movie recommendation to my brothers. It is very hard to make them laugh, but I most definitely succeeded with this movie recommendation.

I recommend it to them because I thought they should experience the hilariousness of this movie. Now I am even more certain that anyone who wants to experience a breathtaking laugh should watch Strays

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Peyton Robinson, Junior Writer
Peyton Robinson is a sophomore entering her first year on The Central Trend. She has always loved writing. Other hobbies Peyton enjoys doing are playing softball, spending time with her friends and family, and playing with her puppy, Bowser, a miniature Rottweiler. She was on FHC's Varsity Softball team her freshman year and plans on playing through the rest of her high school career. Usually, Peyton spends her free time hanging out with friends and doing homework. Peyton lives a happy life and is excited to be a part of The Central Trend. Favorite movie: The Sandlot Starbucks order: Venti Pink Drink with light ice and no strawberry inclusions. Position in softball: Left fielder and third baseman. Favorite artist: Bruno Mars Her car's name: Helga  

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