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These are the places where I get the best sources of inspiration – Part two

Inspiration is all around us.
Art Monarch
Inspiration is all around us.

When it comes to entertainment, it doesn’t take a lot to amuse me. I’ve never really been picky when it comes to how I utilize my free time. Howeverfrom time to timeI do find myself making the continual switch between Netflix and YouTube.

For me, personally, I was never really that kid who had to utilize multiple streaming platforms because, to me, that’s just a waste of money; Netflix and YouTube are all I need. Even though shows and movies are constantly being taken off of Netflix, new shows and movies are also continually being added to it as well.

But currently, I have decided to stick with YouTube, and as far as the utilization of the app goes, I feel that my entertainment niche has evolved as I’ve grown. There are definitely specific influencers that I have had the joy of growing up with.

So with that being said, here are some of the most influential YouTubers in my life whom I grab most of my inspiration from.

Jess and Gabriel

Along with their podcast comes their coffee brand, their merch company, and now, their YouTube Channel. Jess and Gabriel are a couple who live in the US with their one-year-old daughter and their dog Mylo. From doing Q&A videos to touring around the world, and doing Australian and American-based videos, most of their life is contained in small bits of life advice that I think really sprinkle into my inspiration. What I love about watching Jess and Gabriel is that their videos are always so planned out and organized, but they’re also just such a genuinely entertaining and fun couple to watch.

So with that being said, here are some of the most influential YouTubers in my life where I grab the most of my inspiration from.

Ali Abdaal 

Ali Abdaal was a YouTuber that I came across a couple of years ago, and ever since then, YouTube’s algorithm has somehow brought me back to his videos. To provide you with a background, Ali Abdaal is a YouTuber who used to pursue being a doctor. He later quit his job to do YouTube full-time. From talking about his favorite books to having a more productive quality of life, you can pretty much expect every video to add some sort of inspiration to your life. I, for one, have found a lot of useful life hacks from watching the channel, including a list of books that I plan to read in the next year or so.

Smile Squad 

Lastly, we have Smile Squad, a group of YouTubers that create short five to ten-minute skits about life hacks and relatable moments. This is often a YouTube channel that I find myself circling back to when I need to take a break from the daily stresses of life. It’s the perfect way to spend your breaks throughout the day because their videos are what I like to call “self-timed” episodes, the video ends at the time at which your break should end which is why Smile Squad is so amazing: short and sweet.

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Arpita Das, Publicity Editor
Arpita is a senior entering her third and final year as a staff writer on The Central Trend. She has been a part of the Science Olympiad team since the 9th grade and made the choice to step down this year but joined Model United Nations and DECA her junior year. When Arpita isn't writing, you will often find her rewatching The Flash on Netflix, playing the piano, doing press on nails, going on walks, studying at the library, and visiting new coffee shops. Despite the fact that it's her last year of high school, she is so excited to see what senior year has in store for her and is excited for the pieces of writing that she will produce. Favorite book: Wonder by R.J. Palacio Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo Favorite color: Navy Blue Favorite class: Advanced Writing for Publication and Honors Model UN  

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