hello from… the beginning


Over the course of the year, I hope to take you with me through the mental and physical journey of my senior year. Perhaps you know me only by my writing, or my name on our Facebook page. Perhaps you see me in the hallways, or talk to me on occasion in Senior Lit. Perhaps my bedroom is just down the hall from you (hi, mom), or perhaps you’re jumping in halfway through the yeara�� welcome!

My hope is that you choose to follow this journey with me by reading along as I post every other week. My life is not so typicala�� I tend to overwork myself and join just about everything. You can read my staff profile and learn a few things about me, but here are a few more: I really (and I mean really) like to write. I also do a lot of poetry, and on occasion, you can find me reading it aloud at Mayan Buzz Cafe downtown. I keep a heavily updated bullet journal. My dog is my favorite thing… sorry. I spend more of my time taking care of other people, but I’m working on looking after myself too.

This year is a year of ends and a year of beginnings… But I’m sure you’ve read those columns before. I hope to give you a little twist, to get to know me, and what it’s really like to be a senior in high school dealing with the everyday stresses. In the end, I hope to take you away from the cliche column and get more “real.” And who knows, maybe you’ll learn something along the way.