How to study without dying of boredom


“Clear your desk. Leave out a pencil. Everybody quiet. Tests are out.”

With the end of the second week approaching many students are taking their first quizzes and tests of the year. And with tests come every student’s “favorite” thing to do: study.

Honestly, studying doesn’t have to be the horrendously boring thing every high school student thinks it is. With a little creativity, it can actually be- dare I say it- fun. Now I know it sounds crazy, so let me explain by giving you five tips to keep you from dying of boredom while you study.

  1. Reward yourself!

Lots of people reward themselves by taking a break after doing a certain amount of chapters or problems. But the problem for me with that has always been that once I stop, I can scarcely make myself start again. So instead of taking a break, reward yourself with a little treat after you meet certain studying goals. Maybe it’s eating a Hershey’s kiss after you finish taking notes for a chapter. Or maybe it’s taking a sip from your favorite kind of smoothie after you finish each subject’s homework.

  1. Don’t play music with words in it.

Now this differs for everyone, but I’ve always had a hard time studying with pop songs playing in the background. I always want to sing along to my favorite songs, which causes me to become very distracted. But light jazz music, or even some classical music, always helps me concentrate. Or if classical music puts you to sleep, find some more upbeat songs without lyrics.

  1. Stay away from plain pencil and paper notes.

Studying can be boring if all you have to look at is plain paper and boring, gray pencils. So invest in some colors! Buy a pack of crazy, colorful, erasable pens, and take your notes like that. Use bullet points, numbering, or put important information in little clouds. Do something- anything- to make your notes interesting to look at.

  1. Don’t just take notes.

Yes, make all your notes colorful and fun, but also do something besides notes. Taking notes all the time quickly becomes repetitive, and you’ll find yourself bored. So shake stuff up and make a Quizlet, create some crazy, cool flashcards, or find some online games. Stay away from solely traditional studying; it’s a technological age, so make the most of it!

  1. Study buddies… sometimes

Now this one kind of depends on the type of person you are. Some people thrive when they study in groups, while others prefer to study alone. But, if you’re someone who has never been apart of a study group before, I urge you to try it. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be just what you need to pass your next test.

Now, you’re ready to get out there and tackle those tests.

“Turn it over. Pass it up. No talking. Tests are still out.”