College Football Week 3 Recap and Staff Standings


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College Football Blog Week 3 Recap by FHC Sports Report Staff


This week in College Football had a couple games that stunned us, but not as much as the past 2 weeks. One game that stunned us Florida through a hail mary for a touchdown on the final play of the game to beat their SEC rival Tennessee. Or what about when Mississippi State defeated #12 LSU by 30, when nobody thought the Bulldogs stood a chance? USC gets their revenge on Texas from the 2006 Rose Bowl, by kicking the game winning field goal and staying in the top 5. But next week looks to be way more exciting, especially because conference play starts this week.


Staff standings:

T1. Jake 3-6

T1. Jessica 3-6

T5. Tommy 1-9

T5.Tobey 1-9

T5. Nick 1-9

(The Tennessee vs. Florida game wasn’t counted on the record because no one picked Florida to win)

Jessica and Jake stay on top as Tommy has the biggest drop of the week going from the middle of the pack to Tied for last with Nick and Tobey. Stay tuned for Friday for Week 4 predictions!