Sports Report Staff on NBA All-time Line-ups


Best All-Time Line-Up for Nick:

PG: Russell Westbrook: Russell Westbrook is a current NBA player. He is a one of a kind player who is fast and has lateral quickness that is out of this world. Last year, he averaged a triple double and won MVP. Just these stats solidify his spot on the greatest roster of all time.

SG: Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan is just simply the greatest player of all time.

SF: Lebron James: LBJ is just a kid from Akron. He has a drive in him that no other player has. It shows in how he plays. If you don’t have this man in your best line up of all time then you are crazy.

PF: Dirk Nowitzki: Dirk has the German style of play, so he should be here. He can pop the three and has the ability to posterize players.
C: Kareem Abdul – Jabbar: He is a powerhouse down in the post. He can run the floor and has a great post play.

Best All-Time Line-Up for Jacob:

PG: Magic Johnson: Magic Johnson was one of the most skilled players to ever play the game. At 6a��9 he was a force at the point guard position; his court vision and passing skills were unmatched. Also a three-time regular season MVP with 3 NBA finals MVP’s and 5 NBA championships.

SG: Kobe Bryant: There is no doubt Kobe should be in this line-up. He came into the NBA as a 18-year-old phenomenon. Kobe had a killer mentality having over 30 game-winning shots in his career. He won the MVP once, with two MVP awards in the finals and five NBA championships.

SF: Larry Bird: Larry Bird has been known as the best white player of all time, which has some truth to it. Larry had the athletic ability most players would not have at that height and weight. Larry often battled with Magic Johnson in the early 80’s, the two going back and forth winning championships. Bird had three regular season and finals MVP’s, with three NBA championships.

PF: Karl Malone: Karl Malone is by far the most powerful and intimidating power forward to ever play the game. He was teamed up with John Stockton who was one of the best passers in the game. Karl is second on the NBA all-time scoring list; he knew how to put the ball in the hoop. Karl has two MVP’s in his career along with 14 All-Star appearances.

C: Shaquille Oa��Neal: Shaq, the most powerful player to ever play the game is the best center of all-time. Shaq is 7a��1 weighing 325 pounds and had the post skills of Hakeem Olajuwon and the strength of Karl Malone, two great players. Shaq made his mark on the league with four NBA championships, three finals MVP’s and one regular season MVP.

Best All-Time Line-up for Tyler:

PG: Isaiah Thomas- In the toughest era of the NBA, Isaiah defined toughness and leadership. He kept the bad boys going with his grit and willingness to win. A point guard in today’s game wouldn’t be able to compete with Isaiah. He didn’t care about his stat line, he only wanted to win.

SG: Michael Jordan- Not only the best shooting guard of all time, but the best player of all time. No one else comes close in comparison. He is a winner, competitor, and all around dominant player.

SF: Kevin Durant- In today’s game, he is the most unguardable player. He is 6a��11 with one of the best shots in the league. Also, he is a shot blocker at the back end. There is a lot more in store for Durant in the rest of his career. He will rack up multiple championships and go down as one of the best scorers in NBA history.

PF: Bill Russell- He defines a winner. He was dominant in a time where there weren’t many big men. Russell won 11 rings in his 13-year career with the Celtics.

C: Wilt Chamberlain- Arguably the most dominant and unguardable player of all-time. Chamberlain has the record for points in a game and in his best season he averaged over 50 points and 25 rebounds a game.

Best All-Time Line-Up for Tobey:

PG Jerry West: Jerry West is an obvious choice here. This man is the current NBA logo and you don’t become the logo for nothing.

SG Michael Jordan: This one needs no explanation at all, Michael Jordan is simply the greatest player of all time.

SF Lebron James: Lebron James is a complete beast when it comes to basketball and is a dominant force with both his shot and his physical postgame. James has won a total of three championships and is a four-time MVP.

PF Dirk Nowitzki: Dirk is simply a god in the post, whether it is his crafty post fadeaway or his quick turnaround hooks, he racks up the points. Also, you cannot forget about his pure stroke from behind the arc. Either way, there is no way to top this offensive mastermind in the post and that is why he is needed on the best all time lineup.

C Bill Russell: Bill Russell has the most NBA championships of all time with 11 total out of his 13-year career, including a championship in his rookie year.