Humans of FHC: Keefer Silverstein


“So my buddy Steve Reminga and I decided that it would be a great idea, while we were at his cottage about two years ago during the summer, to go in the lake when there was no beach, and the waves were about seven feet high. There was a huge storm rolling in. It was around seven o’clock at night so it was getting close to dark. So we go out there, we take a canoe, and the canoe flips about five minutes into the journey– we did not last long. Now I am realizing the situation as the sun is completely gone down, it’s pouring rain, and the beach is covered in metal and wood. I’m like, ‘Wow, we might die, and this is a huge, huge, huge, huge issue.’ Steve’s like, ‘No, dude, we gotta go back and get that canoe.’ And I’m like, ‘We can’t get the canoe, Steve, just forget the stupid canoe– we need to just go.’ And he’s like, ‘Okay… no, we’re getting the canoe.’ So he starts swimming out there, and I can’t leave Steve– I can’t do it, especially since it’s his cottage so that’d be kind of awkward if I showed up to his cottage with his parents there and be like, ‘Yeah, Steve’s dead.’ So we went and got the canoe. Then after that, we made it back and somehow- by the grace of God- I only cut my foot up a few times. I twisted it up pretty bad, the right one. But besides that, I mean it was pretty good. So we made it out of there, and yeah, I almost died; it was quite the fun experience.”