Bracket Friday – best athletes of all time


Ty George, Sports Reporter

From here on out we will have “bracket Friday.” Today’s version is 16 of the best athletes of all time. It was seeded randomly, and there were some tough matchups early on. Here are some of the best matchups and our logic behind them.

Michael Jordan vs Bo Jackson

This was a matchup between the best basketball player of all time and the best two sport athlete of all time. Michael was the best ever in his sport, along with dabbling in baseball for a little bit before returning to basketball. Bo Jackson played in both the MLB and NFL after playing both sports at Auburn. It is hard to compete with someone who was above average in two sports at the professional level and that’s why Bo Jackson wins this matchup and the whole tournament.

Muhammad Ali vs Michael Phelps

Muhammad Ali is one of the top two best Boxers of all time and the best swimmer of all time. Michael Phelps has double digit numbers in the gold medal column, while Muhammad Ali paved the way for boxing and creating it into one of the most popular sports.

Usain Bolt vs Jack Nicklaus

Usain Bolts accolades are too many to keep track of. Jack Nicklaus is known as the best golfer of all time. These two athletes are very different so it is hard to compare the two of them. Bolt changed running forever as he was known for his easy wins and cocky demeanor. Nicklaus was an unforgettable golfer, but his there were other amazing golfers. Usain is far and away the most dominant sprinter and that is why he defeats Nicklaus.