Joji copes with pain through music in his new album Ballads

Joji copes with pain through music in his new album Ballads

When you listen to amazing music, you get a feeling of true happiness. That happiness makes you wanna get up and dance, even when people are around. That happiness brings comfort. During many nights, I find myself scrolling, looking for songs that I can honestly relate to. I press play and pause, but I can’t seem to find songs that really speak to me.

That’s when Joji came into my life.

George Miller, otherwise known as his stage name, Joji, previously posted videos on YouTube. Dealing with hardships concerning his health and the disinterest that arose after nine years of being on Youtube, he was brought to the idea of making music.

He transferred his sadness and hardships onto paper. His newest album Ballads brought him to number one on the top hip-hop/R&B charts.

Ballads is interesting because it shares the story of a guy who doesn’t want his heart broken, and it follows his unfortunate path. Although a lot of his songs on the album are enjoyable, there are a few that specifically shine out, like “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” and “WANTED YOU.”

With his song, “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK,” Joji wants a girl to be more than friends with him. Lyrics like, “I don’t want a friend. Just one more night. I want my life in two. My life in two,” display his message. With no control, there’s nothing he can do about what she wants. Joji feels pain like many do when it comes to love and puts it into words.

Joji shares his passion for feeling. In many ways, he gives a sense of relief to people going through heartbreak. Being able to feel that someone else is going through the same things that you are makes his music more relatable and connecting.

Sometimes, it’s weird to feel like you can relate to someone with a platform, but that’s what makes this album better. Overall, we’re all people, inside and out, and every now and then, you need music that you can see yourself in.

I no longer have to look for great music because, now, I have outstanding music from Joji.