Belladonna Salon & Spa brings back a sense of happiness in your hairstyle


I’ve been feeling a sense of dissatisfaction when it comes to the length of my hair. I’ve always been the person who has enjoyed changing up my style, from clothes and lifestyle to the way that I style my hair. Having the same haircut for a year or two now has caused me stress; I felt as though I had lost a part of myself and needed to try something new.

I needed a new hairstyle like flowers need the sun.

It all started when I was in middle school, where I first began to love the satisfaction of cutting my hair. I love the feeling you get when you watch your hair shortening, along with your own look of surprise as if you’ve never gotten it cut before.

In discovering my longing to cut my hair, I ended up finding a new salon to try out not too long ago. At Belladonna Salon & Spa, I found it to be a comforting and welcoming environment.

If you’re new to their salon, they graciously allow both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. I personally would rather call to set an appointment rather than walk in; I found that super convenient.

While cutting your hair, you’re first asked about what your thoughts are, and they recommend new ideas for hairstyles. The hairdressers don’t hesitate to give you advice and ask questions to make sure they’re doing what you envision for your hair. My hairdresser told me about their company’s brand, Eufora. 

The talkative hairdressers expertly keep the conversations going, always hoping to shed a smile; I swear I laughed tears from the great company they gave me.

Not only do they cut your hair, but they also style it. While I was not even a couple seconds done with my haircut, my stylist knew immediately what to do with it. She used specialized hair tools and sprays to make my hair look the best.

Once my styling was done, I liked that they gave me a genuine reaction to my new hairstyle, along with tips to keep it healthy and looking its best. I felt so welcomed as if I walked into a warm hug. They offered me water while they cut my hair and asked if I needed anything else.

As my appointment came to an end, I was full of glee, blown away by the great experience. I genuinely enjoyed my stay at Belladonna Salon & Spa. Although I’ll admit the price of my haircut was on the expensive side, I’d say it was worth paying more for a haircut by somebody who was very experienced. 

I no longer feel a sense of dissatisfaction because of the amazing job done by Belladonna Salon & Spa.