Ally and Lauren Ringler embrace life as twins


While most people come into the world by themselves, juniors Ally and Lauren Ringler got to begin life together.

As identical twins, Ally and Lauren have spent a full seventeen years of life with each other, experiencing most things together throughout their lives. They always have each other’s back so that neither of them has to face the world alone.

“I feel like when you have a twin you’re never alone,” Lauren said. “You always have someone with you. For 17 years, I’ve always had someone by my side.”

Not only does being a twin lead to the Ringlers never feeling alone, but it also provides them with someone who is always going to be there.

Although they were born into this friendship, they are the ones that developed and strengthened it. Every year together was just a new stepping stone in their friendship.

“[Having a twin] is also a really good thing because it’s like having a permanent best friend,” Ally said. “It’s like a built-in best friend, which is always something I’ve loved having.”

The Ringlers are never left to suffer through things on their own, and they know they will always have their best friend there to listen to anything. The two have always shared everything with each other, never hiding something from the other.

“We tell each other everything,” the Ringlers said. “There’s never anything we can’t tell each other or are scared to tell each other; it’s an open book between us.”

Practically being best friends since birth, the Ringlers had a very different experience growing up. Rather than just having an older or younger sibling, they had a twin. They were always learning new things at similar times rather than learning things on their own.

“Having a twin is a lot different than just having a sibling,” Lauren said. “We have two older sisters but my relationship with them isn’t anything like it is with Ally. We’re a lot closer, and we’ve always been best friends. I feel like as twins we’ve just always had a better connection.”

The Ringlers grew up in a different way than most people because they were both growing up at the same time, achieving older ages on the same days. They’ve spent almost every day of their lives together, developing a relationship they won’t ever have with anyone else.

I feel like as twins we’ve just always had a better connection.”

— Lauren Ringler

Spending all of that time together, along with having a permanent friendship with someone, has had its perks for the twins.

“I think it’s really fun being a twin,” Ally said. “Obviously sometimes you can get sick of it, but it’s really nice going home like after school or something and just having someone to do your homework with or watch TV with; the little things are what make me appreciate having a twin most.”

Despite all perks their relationship comes with, the Ringlers still encounter some cons that come along with being twins.

“I mean sometimes it can get annoying when it comes to sharing everything, like gifts,” Ally laughed. “Being a twin kind of forces you into having to share everything, and that can be good at times, but it can also lead to fights and be very annoying.”

Along with the internal downfalls of being a twin, there are also external ones caused by other people.

“It can get really annoying when people mix us up,” Lauren said, “or when someone is like ‘Wow are you guys twins?’ when it’s obvious because we look exactly alike.”

Regardless of the pros and cons of being a twin, the Ringlers wouldn’t have wanted their lives to be any other way. Having a lifelong best friend is something they both cherish and can’t imagine changing.

“We like being twins,” the Ringlers said. “We wouldn’t change it even if we had the option to, not even to just being siblings.”

Lauren and Ally have a unique bond unlike any other, and it is something they both like living with. Being an identical twin is part of what has built up both of their characters.

Although, just because they are identical twins does not mean they are identical people. The two share their similarities, but Ally and Lauren also have a lot of differences. They may be identical, but their character is not; they each have their own personalities.

“When we were younger, we were more alike,” Lauren said, “but as we got older, both of our personalities and interests changed to be different from each other. Ally’s better at sports, but I don’t like sports, and I’m more dressy.”

Along with the assumption that all twins are the same, there is also the myths of “twin powers.” As far as all the “twin connection” superstition goes, it doesn’t apply to the Ringler twins. The super secret twin powers everyone talks about isn’t something they find to be true.

Yet, when it comes to emotions, the two often express the same feelings at the same times. 

“If one of us is crying,” Ally said, “we both start crying. It’s like if I see Lauren upset, then I start to feel upset, too.”

Their emotional connection also relates to the attachment they have to each other. As the Ringlers approach senior year, their fear of the future is starting to become a reality.

“We’re both kind of scared for college,” Lauren said. “We will probably go to different schools because we have different interests, but being away from each other is something that is always hard. Even after just a day of not seeing each other, we miss each other.”

Even going beyond college, the twins are thinking about what will happen. They are both wondering what life will be like when they are adults, possibly living in different places.

“It’s weird thinking about when we’re older,” Ally said. “I always wonder if we are going to live by each other or what we will be doing. I’ve had Lauren by my side for my whole life, and it’s weird to think that one day we could be far apart from each other.”

No matter what, Ally and Lauren will always have each other. They see being identical twins as a gift, and they will never lose the connection being a twin has created for them.

“Even if we end up on completely opposite sides of the world, we will always be connected to each other,” the Ringler twins said. “We’re family, twins, and best friends. Nothing will change that.”