Humans of FHC: Nicole Aquino


“You know how everyone develops a main interest in something they think is really cool? That, for me right now, is neuroscience. Even though it seems intimidating at first, I’d still like to learn more about it. In general, the brain and learning how we as humans function is just so cool. For HOSA, I learned about different mental health disorders. Since I’m doing human growth and development this year, I’m more focusing on how we grow. So I haven’t really gotten to studying the brain yet, but I’m hoping to get there soon. One of the reasons why I chose [this] is because of my little niece and nephew. I watch them, and I learn stuff from my sister-in-law. When I’m just watching him, and all of a sudden he does something, I’m thinking, ‘That is so cool.’ The brain is such a huge mystery, and I think what I really want to learn about is just a little part of it.”