Olga’s Kitchen: An All-Time Favorite


Abby Scutch, Staff Writer

Every since I was a little girl, Olga’s Kitchen was almost always the answer to the question of where I would like to eat.  There’s something special about the smell of freshly cooked bread and curly fries floating around the room that never seems to get old and always has me coming back for more.  Last week when my core group of friends decided to spend time after school shopping at Woodland Mall, it also led us to the adventure of going out to eat as well.  

 One of us brought up Olga’s Kitchen and it was music to my ears.  Everyone seemed to agree to the idea of snacking on soups, salads, and sandwiches, so we decided to give it a go after an hour or so of shopping at Woodland Mall.

When we first arrived to Olga’s Kitchen, which is tucked away in the mall near the Macy’s entrance, we were greeted by a friendly face that led the four of us to a booth in the very back.  This accommodation was reasonable, considering that we arrived promptly at dinner hour and would be waiting a while because of a birthday party taking place in the front.

Our waitress was very friendly.  Because of the long wait for our food she kindly warned us about, she offered us Olga’s Kitchen’s Classic Snacker Basket, which could be described as thinly sliced bread triangles covered Swiss-almond cheese.  The price of the snackers was waived.  

My favorite meal-deal that Olga’s Kitchen has to offer is the Perfect Pair option, which consists of half a sandwich and two sides.  The four of us — Hannah, Sydney, Josie, and I — each decided to create our own combination of this deal.  I allowed mine to be a ham and cheese sandwich with both a Caesar salad with no tomato and curly fries on the side.

After a good ten minutes of waiting for our orders to be processed, we were served with our side salads.  Mine was very delicious.  I asked for dressing on the side, so I could control the amount I wanted within it.  During this time, we chatted about a numerous amount of topics and caught up with each other, considering we’re not all from FHC.

Twenty minutes later after ordering our meals, we were served with our entrees and second sides.  Everybody around the table commented about how delicious their meals were and how they would order their meals again in the future.  As for me, the ham and cheese sandwich was perfectly simple.  When I go to restaurants, I typically don’t order anything too extravagant.  With this said, my sandwich made the perfect filler for a small dinner with friends.  And of course, the curly fries were excellent as usual.

One of the wonderful advantages of lunching or dining at Olga’s Kitchen is that their items are reasonably priced, allowing for the ability to enjoy the atmosphere and food of Olga’s Kitchen without worrying about the cost.  My bill came out to be less than nine dollars, considering that I also had ice water to drink.  

To conclude, I absolutely recommend Olga’s Kitchen.  I love the warm and cozy atmosphere that the restaurant provides as well as the friendly staff.  Through warmer tones of brown, orange, and yellow covering the walls, Olga’s Kitchen makes an excellent calm, joyful spot to stop and share conversation with friends as well as enjoy warm comfort food.    

If you happen to be in Woodland Mall anytime soon, make sure you add Olga’s Kitchen to your hit-list.