Benny Scholler leads Rangers to a 28-6 win against Jenison with two interceptions

Benny Scholler leads Rangers to a 28-6 win against Jenison with two interceptions

Sophomore cornerback Benny Scholler led the Rangers with two interceptions in their first win of the season against the Jenison Wildcats 28-6. FHC left everything out on the field and showed why they are one of the top JV football teams in the area.

The game started out with the Rangers dominating on both ends. Sophomore receivers Rhosias Arius, Benny Scholler and Connor Milton began the game with sophomore Hunter Robinson behind them at quarterback. Hunter had an outstanding game from start to finish and connected on most of his passes throughout the four quarters.

The first quarter started out with a rushing touchdown from sophomore running back Tyler Weaver in the sixth play. The Rangers stopped the Wildcats in three short plays and received the ball yet again. After a few back and forth possessions in which both teams got halfway up the field and were forced to punt, the Rangers got the ball back. By the end of the half, FHC was up 14-0 and kept that lead up until the second half where the Wildcats managed a touchdown but missed the extra point.

On the defensive end, the Rangers shut down both sides of the opposing offense and even managed a couple of turnovers, two of which came from Benny. Not only was the passing game halted, but the running game of the Wildcats didn’t get very far either.

“We definitely need to work on the mental side of the game,” said head coach Ty Hallock. “Overall, this was a very good game to start, but we need to get better mentally.”

The game ended with the Rangers on top 28-6 and gave them an opening 1-0 record. The guys’ next game is at home against Zeeland East on Thursday, September 5.