The “Very Really Good” podcast brings humorous light to current events


The cover art of Conner’s podcast.

For a long time, I’ve heard people’s stories about creators that saved their lives and passed this off as a grave exaggeration. I thought, how on Earth could someone you’ve never met have such a resounding impact on you? Then I discovered Kurtis Conner. 

A Canadian commentary Youtuber and stand-up comedian, Conner creates videos interpreting current events while adding his own amusing twist. By perfectly combining my love for absurd humor and politics, he managed to draw me in and keep me captivated. Furthermore, upon discovering he has a podcast—the Very Really Good podcast—I knew I had to check it out, and let me tell you I was not disappointed. 

Right as I clicked on the most recent episode, I was immediately met with an outpouring of inner thoughts. Every joke and comment is laced with the zany workings I have come to know and expect from Kurtis. Jokingly cheering himself on for creating a podcast, he dives right into talking about a peculiarly fortuitous friendship he recently formed over Twitter with the band Wallows. Being a Wallows fan myself, this felt like a serendipitous story. 

Having recently been sent a soundboard, Conner accompanies every other quip with some ridiculous effect that truly taps into my Gen Z humor. Using sometimes questionable audios, the childish yet hilarious nature of the jokes is boosted.  

I will say that if you do not watch his videos, you can sometimes miss a joke or two. He often programs sounds from his commentaries into his podcast, making those who understand feel included in some sort of inside joke. Do not worry, though, because he will usually explain the farce soon after. 

One thing that sticks out is the structure that Conner fabricates his podcast around. Each topic is assembled into organized segments, with groovy theme songs to accompany each. During one, Conner brings his producer on via video chat to discuss and joke about the news. In another, he shows off TikToks he’s found that he disagrees with, offering up his opinions on the matter. 

Near the end of this particular episode, he answered some would you rather questions submitted by fans. In the past, he has used this time to respond to emails from listeners asking for advice or dissect the events from earlier in the cast. 

His tone, however, is one of the most influential pawns he plays. Every single utterance feels comfortably original, which perfectly fits the aesthetic that Kurtis has built for himself. The merch and podcast art emulate this energy well, melding tones of fuchsia and bright yellow and truly enthralling any prospective listeners.

 Moreover, I could not get through this analysis without talking about Conner’s companionable “vibe.” One of the driving forces in my fondness for his content has always been the respectful and genuine aura he gives off. Every time I sit down to watch, it feels as if I am about to engage in a productive conversation with a close friend, an emotion unparalleled to any other creator. This is not lost in his podcasts, usually much longer and less scripted than his regular videos. 

Overall, Very Really Good provides a humorous look into events in a way effortlessly well-timed for the current climate, from the voice of a person you can trust.