Find that silver lining and never let it go

In life, there are the people, places, and things I never let go of.

The serendipity of the springtime includes sweet baby bluebirds chirping from their nests hidden high in the branches amidst the green baby leaves. Finally being able to shed the puffy winter coat and step outside in short sleeves is a relief like none other.

With the weather improving, so does my mood, as each peek of sunshine inches us closer to the summer months; those months are full of the freedom to bask in the sunshine and warm weather till it’s the late hours, and it finally gets dark. 

With warmer weather comes spring sports—another gift of life that truly makes me happy. 

I’m not necessarily a sporty or competitive person who has a mindset of winning at all costs, but playing tennis does get me close to that point. There’s nothing like smashing the neon yellow tennis ball into the opponent’s concrete square that wins you the point and delivers you the victory. 

Being busy with sports and school also helps me realize how much I love simply relaxing and spending time at home. 

I’m definitely one who loves to be home all the time doing my own thing, which is perfectly okay. It makes me happy just doing things on my own sometimes and being able to relax. However, I promise I have lots of fun and plenty of friends. 

My friends are also a prominent part of why I love life. They get me, they support me, and we have so many ridiculously fun times we shared together. Some of my closest friends could practically be my sisters, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. 

Though I don’t have any biological sisters, my family is the place I go when I need to express any kind of feeling. They receive my happy news just like it’s their own; they’re like my own cheerleaders, and when I’m at my lowest, they’ll always be the ones I go to for comfort

Also, I’m so happy with how easily writing comes to me now. Some people use it to express their feelings, but I use it more to record the events and times of my life so I can look back on them and be able to relive specific moments through my writing.

Just like the silver lining of a cloud, sometimes you have to look for the good things in life.”

These moments are fleeting, and I want to keep the memories readily available in my mind.

Just like time, seasons come and go as well; I can’t pick a favorite type of weather because I love them all. 

Sun is unmistakably so vivacious, cheery, and perfect on any day in any season. However, I also love the rain because of the coziness and warmth it brings. Additionally, the snow is so pretty and the utmost fun to sled down or build forts in. 

And clouds, well, all clouds come with a silver lining that may be hard to find, but is always there—you just have to have the right mindset to find it. 

Just like the silver lining of a cloud, sometimes you have to look for the good things in life. They may not always jump out at you, but sometimes they catch you by surprise.