I long for a day with you

What makes you so appealing?

I wake and cannot cease the flow of thoughts about you. You haunt me in my sleep, causing my heartache to deepen. I can’t have you, nobody can. 

I dream of finally holding you in my arms, but alas, I shall never know such sweet bliss. 

Thoughts of you cause iridescent butterflies to flutter deep in the pit of my stomach, their wings beating hard against my ribs. 

What wouldn’t I give to run my fingers through your light hair? What wouldn’t I give to drown in your eyes—I’m always a sucker for the color green. 

Your smile is captivating, it lures me in like a moth to a flame and I can’t help but smile—yet, you can’t see me. 

You don’t know what you do to me, primarily because we live in different worlds. 

People say parting is such sweet sorrow, but at least they have met, for I will never meet you. Not tonight, yesterday, nor tomorrow. 

In such a short amount of time, you have locked me in a dungeon of longing, leaving me to suffocate on my own love for you. 

I yearn for one day with you. 

A day where we hold onto ice cream and feel it drip down our forearms as we laugh at stupid jokes or talk about our darkest secrets and let our legs hang far above the river. 

A day we reach the top of the Eiffel Tower and watch Paris twinkle in the night. 

Your smile is captivating, it lures me in like a moth to a flame and I can’t help but smile back.”

A day we climb to the roof and dance in the light of the moon. 

A day where we spend the entirety slinking away from large throngs of people on the street just to end up hiding in a semi-empty movie theatre. 

A day where we go for walks in the rain, huddling under a black umbrella. 

A day to hear your fingers dance across piano keys. 

A day where you sit in the passenger seat of my car as we laugh at the songs the radio stations overplay. 

A day where I push you around in a cart down the aisles of Target and allow laughter to erupt. 

A day just feeling you hold me and allowing time to slip away. 

I ask the universe for a single moment. 

A brush of our fingertips, a flash of a smile, your thumb wiping away my tears. I know I will never get it. I understand, but feel as though it is unfair. 

I always fall in love with men that I could never be with. 

It’s a curse. 

The one I want is always a world away; in my sight, but always out of reach. 

Instead of being embraced by you, I settle for finding songs that remind me of you and allow the words and musical notes to comfort me, but they’re not the same. And although it fills up time that I must spend without you, it doesn’t fill the hole that only you can satisfy.