Does a gua sha—a tool known for lifting, sculpting, and defining the face—truly work?

This magnificent, pleasurable jade stone known as a

This magnificent, pleasurable jade stone known as a “gua sha” is my new favorite addition to my nighttime ritual.

If you’re a frequent user of any social media platform, whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you’ve probably heard of a gua sha tool. 

If not, let me deliver a bit of an explanation to you.

A gua sha—pronounced gwah-shah—is a facial tool that’s career is to shape one’s face to be thinner, more defined, and well, snatched.   

It is an instrument in the shape of a deformed rock that, when using, glides across the jawline, forehead, neck, and wherever else you please. Supposedly, a gua sha is destined to grant a model-like face: a sharp jawline, defined cheekbones, and an overall lifted figure. 

Me, being the erratic money-spender I am, had to put this product to the test. 

The gua sha I ordered off of Amazon was $20.99 and labeled as Ina Beauty’s “Large Gua Sha Heart.” With the lovely emerald color reeling me in, I was eager for my gua sha to make an appearance in my mailbox. 

When she finally arrived just in the nick of time for a brand new week, I was ecstatic to try it out. But, as a classic beauty guru should, I refrained from use until my nighttime routine ritual came. 

It is strongly advised to use a gua sha after applying an oil for a smoother glide upon the skin, and fortunately, I own two serums: The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid and Glossier’s “Super Bounce” Hyaluronic Acid. After cleansing my face, I applied these two serums in combination and started my gua sha journey. 

Day One: 

While using my gua sha only once a day for a true review, I soak up every second I have with her within my evenings. On the first night, I was astonished. The chilly, soothing texture of this instrument descended smoothly across my cheekbones in upward strokes across my glimmering serum-oriented skin. I followed the directions exactly, hitting my neck, forehead, and cheeks with ease. Day one, in summary, was simply just an introduction to this magical product with no dramatic change in the dynamic of my skin—yet.  

Day Three:

After three days of usage, I began convincing myself that my face looked slimmer and smoother; however, I could easily be giving myself that satisfaction falsely. I was craving for gua sha success and for the media to be correct about its incredible function, but I had to be patient and wait for my perception of this product, not social media’s. 

The chilly, soothing texture of this instrument descended smoothly across my cheekbones in upward strokes across my glimmering serum-oriented skin.”

Day Six – Final Day:

Finally, I’ve reached the final night of my analysis. With excitement, I washed my face, applied my oils, and completed my gua sha routine with ease. And to my surprise, I believe I was seeing a significant difference.

So you’re probably wondering: is a gua sha a ‘yes’ or ‘no?’ For me, despite if it truly transforms one’s face, I love my gua sha. Aside from its claims, it simply is just a great relaxer and de-puffer to reset for the day ahead. To make your gua sha experience even better, I advise you to invest in a skincare refrigerator. That way, when your gua sha is ready for use, it is cool to the touch and wakes up your face that much more.

So take my word for it; go buy a gua sha if you want to upgrade your skincare routine to the next level.