30 encompasses nothing less than Adele’s ethereal talent


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In mid-October, the very day that Adele’s single, “Easy On Me,” was released, I forced Mr. George to repeatedly play it in room 139 over the speaker.

With her initial release of “Easy On Me,” one that is still holding a place in the top charts, Adele had made her awaited return. When I first listened to “Easy On Me,” I instantly fell in love; I listened to it in the car, in the shower, and through my AirPods during class—everywhere one could imagine. It is a song of such power and raw emotion that it made for a necessary listen, regardless of where I was or how I was feeling. 

Adele has done it again. She has molded a musical masterpiece—one to leave the world stunned, not only by her creativity and depth within her lyrics, but her unwavering passion for her talent as well. She proves that even after not releasing an album since she was 25, at age 30, she is still just as brilliant and capable as ever before. Rather, after going through a multitude of hardships in her life, her new album, 30, is proving that she is nonetheless as adequate.

As most Adele fans know, “Easy On Me” is portraying her emotions in the aftermath of her divorce. While this is such a powerful musical track to Adele because it is fingering through her stages of heartbreak, it is just as important to her fans and the people who idolize her. The way Adele sings and hits inexplicably impressive notes makes the listeners feel her pain, her agony. However, when parts of the song turn into a brighter light, we feel her optimism and how she’s telling herself she’ll be okay. 

Adele has a way with words where she can make them so relatable; although I can’t directly relate to a divorce, I feel so connected to her and her diction. Furthermore, her ability to belt out the words that hold the most weight to her is so inspiring; she is one of the most talented artists in the music industry today. 

It is a song of such power and raw emotion that it made for a necessary listen, regardless of where I was or how I was feeling. ”

And just when I didn’t think any of Adele’s songs on 30 could top “Easy On Me,” I was dearly mistaken. “My Little Love” is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long, long time. It has the rawest, emotional melody, and it is showcasing Adele’s true feelings. I can tell that this song is one that is extremely important to Adele, as it includes recordings of her crying and spilling her heart out. 

To make this song even more valuable, Adele’s son is incorporated into the tune—him and Adele are heard conversing about how Adele is feeling and why she’s been feeling that way. Their exchange is one that is very emotional, and it definitely reels in the listeners, giving us empathy. “My Little Love” is dedicated to Adele’s son, and it was an incredible factor for Adele to include a recording of their mother-to-son conversation. It truly shows not only how strong their relationship is, but how dearly Adele loves her son. 

“Oh My God” was another one of my favorite tracks from 30. It was a change of pace from Adele’s usual music; though it had a more upbeat sound, it still kept her emotions in check. “Oh My God” is one to scream in the car while trudging through heaps of snow, trying to avoid slipping on the black ice in the wintertime. I thank Adele for blessing my ears with this angelic melody and for showing off her mesmerizing voice in the best way possible. Even though I’ve had three favorites already, “To Be Loved” is yet another amazing soundtrack from 30; I would one-hundred percent recommend giving “To Be Loved” a listen and review, for it adds to Adele’s reputation. 

I have waited for Adele’s fourth album for quite some time—after 19, 22, 25, and finally, 30. Quite obviously, her album names correspond with her age, and 30 definitely gives younger Adele some competition. She seems to release something impeccable and challenge herself to impress the world with creating something a notch higher. I could listen to her music all day—her deep, beautiful voice and tone makes me feel something different from other artists, which is why I adore Adele so, so much. 

30 was a worth-the-wait album, and it was the exact thing I needed to allow Adele to put my most-often-put-on-paper-feelings into a musical melody of astonishing beauty.