A forecast for winter fashion


Instagram user @gracefoley

In light of finals week, I feel like it’s time to leave behind the winter doldrums and talk about winter fashion trends. Which trends are here to last, and which should melt away with the final snowfall? Let’s find out.

Oversized scarves

You can’t beat the utility advantages of an oversized scarf. From throwing them over a sweater or dress coat to bringing one on a plane as a makeshift blanket, the oversized scarf has proved its versatility. The key is picking the right style and color: neutrals. Caramel-brown, navy, and black are my three preferred colors when it comes to this winter essential. Keep them simple, and these may just become a staple piece in your winter wardrobe.

Leather trench coats

The leather trend can go either way; it can be a statement piece, and when well-executed, can be iconic, but it can easily go amiss in the wrong length or shade. It’s something that, if you choose wisely, will be a timeless piece, serving as a basic in your wardrobe. Trench coats are a key layering piece this season, and leather is a great way to make a simple outfit more dressy.

Trench coats are a key layering piece this season, and leather is a great way to make a simple outfit more dressy.

Puffer jackets

Puffers are back from last year, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I am all for a good puffer jacket, particularly in a unique color or print. Puffer jackets are practical for Michigan, and they can be super cute. This year, you will have your pick in terms of length and color; they will become a modest mainstay. I’ve recently seen these in lavender and kelly green; they are constantly reinventing themselves and also utilitarian.

Chunky boots

Chunky boots always seem to be getting chunkier, and I absolutely love it. This might be a personal preference, but I really embrace the look of a clunkier heel, whether it be on a knee high or ankle boot. I also find them easy to walk in, and the wide range of styles makes them so versatile. I don’t see this trend going anywhere, so whether it be in cocoa brown, white, or black, the chunky boot is here to stay.

Sequin detailing

If you know me, you know my penchant for the holidays, and also that I am almost always in favor of sparkly detail. I mean, what’s New Year’s Eve attire without a little shimmer? My caveat on sparkly is to wield its power sparingly, though. A little sparkle can add festivity; a lot of sparkle ruins the entirety of an outfit.

Knit sets

I have yet to meet a knit set I haven’t liked. I have one in all cotton and one in a more wool/cotton blend, and both include a pair of shorts in addition to a cardigan or long sleeve top. Monochromatic knit sets are really making their debut, and they’re truly the definition of cute and comfy. 

Fashion during Michigan winters is different from what we typically see on social media. While it is no less fashionable, we are dealing with a harsher climate. The clothes that embrace style—and still function effectively in terms of the bitter cold—are the ones that have staying power.