Certain hair styles are bringing strain to not only the fashion industry, but also hair health



Grande and her legendary ponytail, which even she admits brings her pain

I have never been one to wear my hair up—whether it be because I have a massive forehead or my ears get cold without my hair to insulate them, I almost always have my hair down if I’m not doing highly physical activity.

However, when I glanced at a comparison of Jojo Siwa’s hairline throughout the years, I began to seriously ponder whether or not those incredibly tight, high ponytails were doing the damage or not.

Many people choose to wear their hair tied up for practical or fashion reasons, but could the daily practice of tugging each follicle to its limits be detrimental to a hairline? For starters, I know that I personally have felt my scalp begin to burn after several hours when my hair is pulled tight, so that can’t be a good sign on its own. Additionally, with that much pressure, migraines could form, which can cause extreme discomfort to places besides just the scalp. 

Practicality is almost always a factor in daily hairstyles, so throwing hair into the same everyday ponytail is a common practice. However, putting daily stress on the same area can cause breakage at the point of the hair tie. 

Ponytails aren’t the only stressor to your hair—those messy buns we all know and have some degree of hate for are a popular choice for getting hair out of your face after a warm shower or a refreshing swim. Unfortunately, hair is the weakest when it is wet, so wrapping it around and yanking it up can cause irreparable damage and breakage. Most with long hair can attest to ripping out a hair tie that had hair woven around its entirety after hopping out of the pool.

Finally, attempting to keep hair fresh overnight by pulling it back is a poor choice if you are planning to wear a similar style the next day. It has been widely debated if hair should be kept up during the night or not, but without being down to rest, the hair can become damaged, and nighttime is a great time to allow for your hair to rejuvenate.

Thinning hair is an issue for the masses, and with repetition of hairstyles that are causing breakage and damage are just speeding along the process of this tragic transformation. Thankfully, all hope is not lost for those who want to have their face clear or fancy up-dos. 

Lower, looser ponytails are an excellent look any time when styled correctly so as not to look like a founding father.”

One simple way to reduce the strain on hair is to withhold from trying to achieve the Ariana Grande look and instead opt for a more relaxed look. Lower, looser ponytails are an excellent look any time when styled correctly so as not to look like a founding father. These are much more gentle on hair and switch up the location of the hair tie.

A second method to keeping hair healthy while in a ponytail is by using a spiral or cloth hair tie rather than the typical elastic. Scrunchies, while fading from their recent fad, are gentle as well. These come in a variety of styles, so whether opting for a subtle holder or a flashy tie, there is an option other than an elastic.

A third, more complex plan is to use serums prior to pulling hair up. Not only does this give the hair a healthy sheen, but it also helps the hair go more smoothly into the style, reducing the chances of snags and breakage. It also helps hair to retain moisture, so hair will be at less of a risk of breakage. 

Although the whole point of having long hair is to enjoy it and show self-expression, if it is not treated properly, the luxurious locks will have a short lifespan. To get the most out of ponytails, they should be limited and gentle so nobody winds up looking like Gollum by age 40 from the constant strain.