“Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer-Smith was a debut worth waiting for



A photo of Lauren Spencer-Smith

As much as I loathe to admit it, I’m reliant on TikTok to stay up to date with the latest news; whether that’s new music, trends, or drama, TikTok is my outlet for enlightenment.

And I’m certain I am not alone, considering people all over the world know Lauren Spencer-Smith’s new single “Fingers Crossed.” The snippet of her first release debuted a few months ago on the app, and the TikTok community has been waiting for the arrival date ever since. Finally, she released the long-awaited track on Jan. 5th of the new year. 

If you’re a frequent scroller of the app, you’ll recognize the infamous line of Spencer-Smith belting “So I, I want all the tears back that I cried,” and that powerful phrase makes up the chorus of “Fingers Crossed.”

It is obvious this song is about heartbreak and how an ex-partner did not treat her how she should be treated. You can hear the pain in her voice as she’s reliving their memories in the form of a song. She repeatedly talks about how she poured her heart into the relationship and how she put her ex before herself over and over until she broke.

The chorus symbolizes her realization of how this anonymous ex isn’t worth her tears or her sadness anymore. Therefore, in a way, “Fingers Crossed” is reminiscing on their break up, but is also coming full circle for the singer. It’s about how she has finally realized her worth, especially shown when she says “Now I don’t even miss you anymore.” 

There are so many artists like me who are, essentially, nobodies, but we tease something and it blows up.”

— Lauren Spencer-Smith

It is clear she spent hours trying to fix them, thinking it would heal their relationship. This song is an important message for one-sided relationships around the world and for those who are struggling with devoting themselves to someone unworthy. 

“Fingers Crossed” immediately blew up. Before the initial tease of this song on her TikTok account in mid-November—one that received millions of views—Canadian Spencer-Smith was undeniably unknown, especially in America.   

In an interview, she jokes “There are so many artists like me who are, essentially, nobodies, but we tease something and it blows up.” It is such an insane thing that TikTok was the fuel for her fire, the fuel for her fame. Thanks to the music-eager users, “Fingers Crossed” has landed on the top five singles charts in the UK Official Singles Chart.

Her talent was recognized so quickly and so sporadically, deservingly so. The release of her song single-handedly proves the power of social media, but in reality, the power of the people. 

Now that the Lauren Spencer-Smith fans all over the world have heard what she’s capable of, fans are eager for her future music, me being one of them.

And I’m confident in saying she will not disappoint.