Red Robin: Good Food at a Better Price


Sam Noonan, Graphic Design

With Christmas nearing, many will be out shopping for last-minute gifts. Woodland Mall is a popular shopping destination, and you’re probably going to get hungry while you’re out. I was in this situation Friday night, and Red Robin was the obvious option for me.

Entering the restaurant gave me welcomed shelter from the cold outside, and the lighthearted atmosphere inside made the restaurant feel friendly and laid-back. I was seated immediately, and my server came within a minute to get my drink order. My server was very knowledgeable and welcoming, easily answering any questions and serving me quickly. Looking at the menu, I quickly noticed that there were plenty of options for a great price; the popular burgers usually cost between six to eight dollars, and the rest of the menu is also priced reasonably.

As an appetizer, I chose the Pretzel Bites. They came out roughly five minutes after I ordered them, to my pleasant surprise. The pretzels were warm and buttered, and they arrived with a small cup of cheese to dip them in. For the most part, the pretzels were soft and delicious. There were a couple that were a bit more firm, but as a whole, I enjoyed the Pretzel Bites and I most definitely recommend this to any pretzel lovers out there. If you’re not a fan of any available appetizers, Red Robin’s bottomless fries are a great option, whether you get the steak or sweet potato variety.

I decided on the Pub Mac and Cheese as my entree, anticipating gooey, cheesy delight with bread crumbs to top it off. It didn’t take too long to get to mine, as I was served about twenty minutes later, but it could’ve arrived a bit warmer. The portion was also far smaller than I had expected, as the side salad that came with it was bigger than the mac and cheese itself. Although it was small, it was priced well and only costed me seven dollars. The misleading menu led me to believe that the size was bigger, so that’s something to be aware of. Taking my first bite left me with a surprisingly positive impression on the small dish. The cheese covered mainly the top, and I found that when nearing the bottom of the bowl the noodles weren’t as good. However, it did taste good as a whole, and I enjoyed it. Overall, the Pub Mac and Cheese satisfied my comfort-food desires, but wasn’t the absolute best I’d ever eaten. I’d recommend this dish, as long as you’re either not too hungry or have something to eat with it.

Red Robin provides a great experience if you’re looking for a quick sit-down meal that won’t cost an arm and leg. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, or you’re shopping or not, it’s one restaurant I definitely plan on visiting again.