Dr. Bull: The Master Puppeteer of The Courtroom


Alexandra VanElls, Staff Writer

CBS’s new hit show, Bull, is unlike anything on tv. It takes a unique twist on a crime drama that is more than the typical and predictable murder mystery.

Dr. Jason Bull, played by Michael Weatherly, is a psychologist and expert jury consultant who owns his own successful trial analysis corporation. Bull is considered a master puppeteer in the courtroom with the way he uses psychology and human intuition to climb into the minds of the jury.  His cocky, yet charming personality continues to draw me in each time I watch Bull. Dr. Bull works alongside a neurologistics expert, a former FBI agent, a hacker, and a defense attorney to discover the truth in murders, patent infringement, malpractice suits, and more.

Bull is based on the early days of Dr. Phil McGraw when he was a trial consultant. His expertise on psychology in trial juries is remarkable. The jury on trials in real life and on Bull are always different, but the way the Dr. Phil creates and produces the jury on the show is incredible in the way he interprets the smallest detail about each juror.

Before I watched this show, I never knew that trial science was a thing. I had no idea how the jury pool worked or how much psychology goes into every kind of trial, whether murder or not. I highly recommend this show to everyone, whether or not you find this type of thing interesting, because it is truly amazing seeing how the trials work differently for each type of case.

I love that feeling of anticipation at the end of each episode when you find out if the jury finds the accused guilty or not guilty. When you watch a show like this, no matter the situation at hand, you can’t help but root for the accused. Though Bull is not on Netflix yet, you don’t have to watch from the very beginning to understand what’s happening.

You should definitely keep this new series of crime drama on your radar.