Girls bowling struggles to find a rhythm early on


Peyton Fester, Sports Reporter

Wednesday night kicked off with a competition between Lowell and FHC at Eastbrook Lanes. The girls fell short in the end, losing 21.5-8.5. Though the girls lost, junior Alexis Ghareeb provided some flare in the last match of the night to narrow the score deficit. Alexis rolled a 126 in the first, and an impressive179, with a turkey in the second.

“I couldn’t really figure it out in the first game,” Alexis said. “But my dad came and he helped me out. He said ‘you need to just throw the ball faster and hit your mark. You’ll be fine.'”

FHC tied Lowell in the first game but ended up dropping the next two sets to fall behind. Coach Grant Vermeer discussed their last set, when they beat Lowell 695-639.

“This is kinda their average,” Vermeer said. “It was a great second game but just not enough to overcome the first one.”

Another player that did a good job of keeping her head in the game was senior Emma Seeber. Emma bowled the second highest score for FHC with a 164. Her key to the performance was striving under pressure.

“People were here, and it was kind of a bigger crowd,” she said. “It makes you want to do better.”

The atmosphere was certainly bigger than usual with Cedar Springs and FHN playing in the lanes right beside FHC. With so much going on, it was a jam packed and wild environment. The loss now puts the FHC girls team at 3-3 on the season.

“We just need to have confidence and come out strong,” Vermeer said. “Everything’s been fairly close. We’re at the halfway point, so things are looking good for the next half. We just need to keep working.”