Sugar Momma’s is Grand Rapids’ hidden gem


Ashlyn Korpak, Staff Writer

If you’re ever looking for a place to just sit down with friends and enjoy great food, I highly recommend Sugar Momma’s. In the time that I have known about this adorable cafe, I have taken many people there; never once has anyone not fallen in love with it. With its baby blue walls covered in photographs of prize winning food, Sugar Momma’s is the place to be.

I have always been satisfied with both Sugar Momma’s food and its employees. I have never been to such a welcoming cafe. The staff is patient, always have a smile on their faces, and they are more than happy to recommend their favorites to newcomers.

How they could have a favorite out of all the amazing things that Sugar Mama’s offers, I have no idea.”

From sugar cookies to cakes to pretzel buns, they have it all. No matter if you’re craving chocolate or peanut butter, Sugar Momma’s comes through with something crazy satisfying. To complement their array of amazing food, they also sell a small selection of coffee and smoothies, and I speak with experience when I say their smoothies are worth every cent. My personal favorite is the Pina Colada, although my friends speak quite highly of the mango smoothie.

But the appeal of this endearing cafe doesn’t end there. Tucked in the corner is a small wall with paintings for sale. All paintings are from and about Michigan, and they just add something extra to the homey feel of Sugar Momma’s.

The only part of Sugar Momma’s that I wish is different is the lack of seating space. The cafe contains a few tables and chairs, a small couch and plush chair, but it isn’t very much space. If they had more seating, people would be more inclined to sit down and enjoy the food inside of the cafe. I think it would not only draw more people in and keep people coming back, but it would also broaden their kinds of customers from individuals to groups of students and small meetings.

So no matter whether you’re hanging with your friends or waist deep in exam review, drop what you’re doing, grab some friends, and go check out the one of the best cafes in Grand Rapids.