Apply yourself, you’ll be grateful for it


Ava Stathakis , Public Relations/Marketing Manager

Throughout my four years of high school, I’ve learned many things. Some simple, like If you stay up late you’ll be too tired to pay attention during class the next day or bringing a lunch from home instead of getting it from the cafeteria is the safer bet. The most important thing is that you need to apply yourself because if you don’t start as soon as possible, it’ll get too late and you’ll regret not doing it.

I know in the past I’ve said that grades aren’t the most important thing in life and I still stand by that statement. Yes, you should still be doing other things with your life like hanging out with family and friends or doing some sort of extracurricular activity because that’s important for a healthy lifestyle too. You should try in school because trust me you are going to want to go somewhere with your life.

Does it sucks sometimes that numbers basically define you ie. your grades, gpa, etc. Yes, yes it does. To get into a good college, if that’s your thing, then school should be of some importance to you. High school leads to college and that will help you get a job in the career field you desire to be in.

Applying yourself in a sport or some extracurricular thing that you do is important too. Not only will you be proud of yourself, but your coach/instructor will be proud of you. Not only will it benefit you if you give your 110% percent at practice but doing more outside of it too. Even going to other schools and practicing with you opponents or offering other people help not only is helps them gain skills but you as well.

Not only should you be applying yourself at school but in any type of relationship you have with someone. It should not, under any circumstance, just be you applying yourself in the relationship, it should be a two-way street. You can’t be the one that gives and gives and receives nothing back, but you also can’t be the one who takes and takes and gives anything back, those are both the key reasons of an unhealthy relationship. Whether this relationship is someone you’re dating, are friends with, or even one with a family member both of you should be applying yourselves.

Will you be completely ready to apply yourself right away? No, you’ll be a bit hesitant but in the end when everything is said and done you’ll be grateful that you did. When you feel like giving up, keep going and trust me you’ll get through it. Just please do what I should’ve done from day one and apply yourself.