Nonna’s Pantry satisfies those with a sweet tooth


Abby Scutch, Editor in Chief

On a dreary, cold rainy afternoon, I was looking for something or somewhere to brighten my spirits, which led me to the idea of going to Nonna’s Pantry for pastries and treats with a friend. Though the idea was last minute, I am sure it was one that neither of us regretted.

Located in the heart of downtown Ada directly across the sister restaurant Nonna’s Trattoria, Nonna’s Pantry provides a welcoming, comforting atmosphere that showcases a variety of treats and pastries, all of which have the ability to satisfy my sweet tooth for chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, or brown sugar.

Walking into the Nonna’s Pantry, it was very “cute-looking” and welcoming. With hardwood floors, a glass case of pastries, and natural lighting filling its setting, I immediately felt very happy with its atmosphere, and was delighted to be spending an hour and a half of chatter in this cozy bakery.

After a few minutes of contemplating, we narrowed down our choices down to three pastry treats out of several: the double chocolate chip muffin, peanut butter chocolate bar, and snickerdoodle cookie.

Double Chocolate Muffin:
You can find them in Meijer, Spartan grocery stores, and several other bakeries; however this one was the best of the best. Being very, very “chocolaty,” it most definitely satisfied my craving for something sweet. It was very substantially sized, and had lots of chocolate chips within and topping the muffin, making it the highlight of this pastry. Out of the three treats, this one was my favorite.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar:

This was very sweet – almost too sweet. Though it was very delicious, it was very rich and creamy, as it could be described as a bar of sweet, fattening peanut butter with thick, creamy chocolate glazing the top.  In my opinion, the peanut butter chocolate bar could be saved and savored over a period of time, mostly because only a little bit will do the trick to add sweetness to someone’s snacking needs.

Snickerdoodle Cookie:

Rolled and dusted with cinnamon and sugar, this snickerdoodle could not have been better. The batter of the cookie was very buttery and flaky, giving it a nice, subtle texture. The cookie had oven cracks in it, which were then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, adding a nice touch the cookie, which was already very scrumptious and delicious. This cookie itself is all the reason to return to the bakery.

Overall, I could not have asked for a better experience at Nonna’s Pantry. The staff was very, very kind, and didn’t mind our lengthy contemplation of the numerous sugary treats they had to offer. There’s no questions as to why people are always walking into Nonna’s Pantry to meet with friends, study, or grab some pastries to take home.  Most importantly, it’s the local “hot spot” to satisfy your sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, or butter sweet tooth.