Hailey Beels expresses herself through the lens of videography


Sophomore Hailey Beels is the only underclassman in her FX class. Although she may be the youngest on the crew, Hailey has worked just as hard—or perhaps even harder due to her age—to earn her spot as a valuable member of the FX team.

Fortunately, despite being in a different grade than her senior and junior classmates, Hailey feels right at home in the FX studio alongside her friends. The setting brings together those who may never have bonded over anything else and unites them under one passion: broadcasting.

“My favorite part of FX is that I feel like we’re almost all like a family—it’s not like a regular class,” Hailey said. “I made new friends this year because being the only sophomore in the class, I didn’t know anybody, but now, of course, I know all of the people. I personally like being the only sophomore because I really like making new friends and the feeling of starting a new chapter in life.”

Social opportunities and expanding her circle of friends are just one of the many opportunities that Hailey has discovered through FX. The structure of the class is also what helps Hailey thrive in her interests.

I personally like being the only sophomore because I really like making new friends and the feeling of starting a new chapter in life.

— Hailey Beels

Because of the way that FX teacher Jeff Manders assigns projects and what students need to host or record, Hailey has found that her hobby offers her a change-up in the monotonous school day. There is a large amount of work outside of school hours as well, which changes the environment of the class.

“It’s more freelance, and I’m allowed to express myself creatively,” Hailey said. “It’s more like a job. You have your deadline, and all you have to do is get it done by your deadline. I’ve learned a lot about time management.”

Beyond her personal growth and enjoyment, Hailey has learned countless technical skills through FX, such as how to record and get certain angles, edit the sound and film, and use the complex equipment that is necessary.

Through this, Hailey is preparing for her future and her dream career as well as creating a legacy during her time on FHC’s beloved broadcasting show. Prior to discovering FX, though, Hailey’s passion lay on the opposite side of the camera.

“I’ve always been really into being on camera,” Hailey said. “I always wanted to be an actress or go into movies. But then, I realized that I like videography, and I got really into filming sports. I’ve gotten really good at filming sporting events.”

Hailey’s passion for sports videography is supported by FX, where she often hosts the sports portion of the show or records games that FHC’s teams are playing.

Furthermore, Hailey’s search for chances to pursue sports broadcasting is not likely to end any time soon. Hailey plans to make this type of videography something that can support her in the coming years.

“I really want to go to college to film sports games,” Hailey said. “My dream job is to film football and be on the sidelines. [I want to film] sports specifically because I like being on the field and being part of it. I play sports myself, so I like the vibe of it and the energy people give. You follow the ball; you get in all the action; and I film it how I want to.”

Hailey’s love for all aspects of videography makes FX the ideal class for her to learn as much as she can about sporting event cinematography while making friends along the way. Expression is also a major factor in Hailey’s love for the art.

Videography is a form of media that is often overlooked as a form of art, but to Hailey, it is the most fitting for her interests, and it is an excellent medium for others to explore as well.

“I would join if you really love [videography]—join for the community,” Hailey said. “Of course, I really like the arts, but I’m not really good at drawing. If you can’t draw, if you can’t sculpt, and if you can’t do any of that, but you really like something creative and to express yourself, I would join [FX]. It’s a really fun class, too. You’ve got Manders, and you’ve got a lot of really fun, loud kids.”