Do MacBooks really live up to the hype?


Maria Devroy, Staff Writer

Every computer I have ever owned has been a MacBook. My freshman year when I found out that we needed to have a computer for the newly announced eAchieve, I decided that, despite my age, I had to get a MacBook. And after that broke in the summer, I got the newest MacBook Air. But after everything, is it really even worth it?

After deciding that name brands were important to me, the next thing to do was to get the newest, coolest laptop. So over the summer, my mom and I pre-ordered my laptop and picked it up the next day at the Apple Store in the Woodland mall. As I picked up my new computer, one of the many workers at the store assisted me in setting up my computer, which I will admit, was very helpful.

As the months passed and I adjusted to the new laptop, I realized that, in reality, there is truly no need for me to spend $850 on the incredibly simple use that I need my computer for. I use my computer for school, and not much else. I write papers, watch videos, listen to music, use textbooks, and in reality, it isn’t worth the money.

MacBooks present a clean and simplistic design, with a backlit keyboard, thin design, and a sleek metallic silver color. I’ll admit that the thin, two pound design does slightly reinforce the price for me. I have always had an issue with heavy, back-breaking backpacks, and having a thin computer has decreased my back pain significantly.

MacBooks present a clean and simplistic design, with a backlit keyboard, thin design, and a sleek metallic silver color.”

A feature that draws in Apple-dependent users will always be the ease and simplicity of having your devices connected. MacBooks are able to connect to other Apple devices using your Apple ID, creating the ability to sync your photos, music, emails, texts, calls, and FaceTime. If you lose your iPhone, have to restore its data, or back it up, there are straightforward instructions available on the Apple help website. So all in all, it is a very convenient tool to have if you are willing to spend the money and have the corresponding products.

As an avid Apple buyer, I won’t say that going out and buying a MacBook is bad, because it’s definitely not. But if you don’t have the money or the need for a Macbook, there are a multitude of computers and devices that would suit you, and your wallet, far better than buying the overpriced computer.