Why students should not leave to avoid taking a test


It seems as though on nearly a daily basis, students leave school to avoid taking a test.The student will be “sick,” or they’ll just get permission from their parent to leave. Understandably, for some tests, it feels like you are destined to do poorly; whether you don’t understand the unit, or you just didn’t study the night before, it can be stressful taking a test you feel unprepared for. However, does that mean that you should be exempt from taking it on the scheduled day? I think not.

It feels like on a daily basis students are gone for an hour, and then they show up again later in the day. Their parents will pick them up just so that they don’t have to take a test they are not prepared for. I don’t want to say that that’s not fair because life is not fair; however, it is irresponsible on both the parents part and students part to just leave school in order to avoid taking a test. If you are not prepared, that is not the teacher’s fault. They scheduled the test and told you when it was, but if you didn’t study, that’s on you. If it’s a matter of not understanding the topic, then talk to the teacher about what is difficult.

Some students seem to think that they should get some kind of special treatment, and their parents let them. This is setting a student up to fail. If you are not well-prepared for a test, be prepared the next time. Students should not be able to leave school just to avoid taking a test – not only is it wrong, but that’s not how it works in the real world. Once you get a job and you have a report due the next day, you can’t just call in sick so that you can avoid turning it in for another day.

This special treatment that parents are giving their kids to get out of tests is not okay. It is their fault if they are not prepared, so why should they get the advantage of another day of studying over the other students in the class? The answer is simple: they should not get the extra day. Students everywhere need to take control of their own education and do what is right, studying and taking the test on the scheduled day along with everyone else.