Player Profile: Linda Boulos


Sam Hopkins, Sports Editor

Linda Boulos
Grade: Senior
Sport(s): Tennis currently, volleyball and rowing in the past.
Five things people don’t know about Linda:
” I’m lactose intolerant.
” I can stand on all my toes without it hurting.
” I can understand Arabic.
” I have been to almost every Caribbean island.
” I used to have hermit crabs as pets.
Most inspirational person: “One specific person doesn’t inspire me. The people who inspire me the most are the people who are genuinely interested in your well-being and would put their life on hold to help you.”
Favorite food: Watermelon
Favorite teacher: Mr. George
Favorite tennis player: Serena Williams
Favorite tournament: “My favorite tournament is definitely the Midland Dow Classic. It’s a huge tournament with the top two D2 teams and the top D1 team. We are usually so close in skill with them and are so capable of winning this tournament. It provides a great opportunity to play them early on in the season, so we can develop our skills to play well when we see them later.
Player quote: “”Anyone can win on any given day.” I know it’s been said before, but it’s entirely true since tennis is such a mental game.”