Student Council Q&A – Averi Schelhaas


Sam Noonan, Graphic Design

Name: Averi Schelhaas

Grade: Sophomore

1.) Why did you decide to run for Treasurer?

“I decided to run for treasurer because I like math, and I have been wanting to be on student council for a while.”

2.) What do you hope to accomplish if elected?
“I want to help our grade get involved and participate in the opportunities we are given.”
3.) If you could push for one change at FHC, what would it be?
“The one change I would like at FHC is for student voice to be appreciated, I feel like students don’t get to make the changes they want.”
4.) What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?
“I am involved in art, and I am also a member of our school’s Political and Current Events (PACE) Club.”
5.) What traits do you think successful leaders possess?
“I think anyone can be a leader; however, confidence, optimism, and responsibility are probably the most favorable.”
6.) Anything else you would say to potential voters?
“Don’t forget to vote!”