Player Profile: Sawyer Bosch

Player Profile: Sawyer Bosch

Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Name: Sawyer Bosch

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Football

Position: Running Back

Sawyer has been a huge part of the Ranger freshmen football team and their winning streak. He scored 3 touchdowns in their game against Greenville last Thursday. When talking to his teammates, they always bring up how great of a runner he is and how big of a necessity he is to the team.

What’s been your keys to success running the football?

“The keys have been following my blockers and using my vision so I can get the big picture and see the whole play

Who/What has encouraged you to play football?

“My brother and my dad love football and they said I can be a really good player.”

What’s been your biggest inspiration your athletic career?

“Coach Hallock because of how he’s pushed to play the best of our ability.”

Who’s your favorite teacher at FHC?

“Yes Mrs. DeMeester. She’s so nice and a great teacher.”

Do you have a personal quote?

“Hard work pays off, when talent fails to work hard.”- Kevin Durant