Week 6 varsity football predictions and bold statements

Ty George, Sports Reporter

Jake’s score prediction: 31-21


Why: It’s rivalry week. Regardless of the records, it always yields a great game. FHN has a playmaker on offense at wide receiver, but our secondary is solid. I think FHC dominates, but gives up a couple big plays. We’ll stay in control tonight and pound the ball against a struggling FHN defense, and make the big stops when we need it.


Bold statement: FHC will intercept four passes from the FHN offense tonight.


Ty’s score prediction:FHC 35 – FHN 14


Why: The Rangers haven’t faced too tough of a schedule yet, and are due for a tougher game. With a lot of people thinking this will be an easy game for the Rangers, they will be tested. Although the players understand that this is a rivalry game and has potential to be close, I think the talent and personnel itself will be too much for the Huskies.


Bold statement: The Rangers will return a fumble for a touchdown


Mr. George’s prediction: FHC 28 – FHN 27


Why: I believe that we are in for a fight tonight. The rivalry games with FHN have to be looked at differently because FHC/FHN games are different. I also think being off the turf will be a bit different for the Rangers. A close game is on the way.


Bold statement: FHC will trail at halftime.