Week 7 homecoming and Lowell week predictions and bold statements

Week 7 homecoming and Lowell week predictions and bold statements

Sports Report Staff

Jake’s score prediction: FHC 35 – Lowell 10

Why: Lowell is clearly not what they used to be. They struggled immensely vs. Cedar Springs and do not have the high flying offense they’ve had in years past. FHC is fired up and ready to beat the Red Arrows for the first time in 18 years. It’s homecoming ladies and gentlemen. Get ready for a shocking throttling in Ranger Stadium.

Bold statement: FHC’s opening drive results in a touchdown.

Mr. George’s score prediction: FHC 21 – Lowell 20

Why: I do believe that weather is going to be a factor tonight. The impending rain will most likely inhibit the FHC passing game which should even things out with a less-than-dominant Lowell team. It’s been 18 years since FHC beat Lowell, so I do think it will be a difficult mental hurdle to get over. But, this is FHC’s year – we are better and have the momentum. Homecoming doesn’t necessarily make it easier, but it should give the Rangers even more energy.

Bold Statement: Lowell fails on a 2-point conversion with no time left on the clock to end the game.

Ali’s score prediction: FHC 24 – Lowell 21

Why: It’s senior night. It’s homecoming. We’re playing them on turf. We’ll be able to play our game, and catch them on their off day. They are going to collapse under our pressure and underestimate the Ranger secondary. They’ll think this is just another year of FHC losing to them, but it is a new year with a different team. The weather tonight is also a factor. Look for Lowell to be affected by this while FHC stays focused and fired up.

Bold statement: Luke Majick throws a hail mary to win the game.