Girl power at FHC has changed the game


The future is female, and I hope it’s the females of FHC.

Throughout all my years in high school, I’ve noticed a positive trend. Girl power has become incredibly present at FHC. Encouragement between young girls is present in various ways, and I am constantly noticing it at school. Strong females are supporting other strong females, and I’m living for every second of it.

First of all, girls are so nice to each other. I know, girls are known for being catty towards one another, but every time I’ve had an encounter with a stranger, they are nothing but polite. Girls who I never met before will go above and beyond to spread kindness and positivity. I will get stopped in the hallway by someone I have never seen, and they will tell me with a genuine smile that they like my outfit.

And I know I’m not the only person having this experience. Every day, I hear stories.

A wardrobe malfunction solved by a team of four strangers in the bathroom. Offers of various belongings to help someone else. Compliments from humans you haven’t met.

The future is female, and I hope it’s the females of FHC.”

On top of spreading positivity, girls make sure no one messes with other girls. I’ve seen so many women, both in person and online, stand up for each other. When there is an instance of cyberbullying, it is instantly shut down by females from all different corners coming to the fight. They will stop the bully and then reach out to the victim the next day to see how they’re doing.

I often hear girls standing up for other girls. A bully may come along and talk behind someone’s back. Usually, someone shuts it down within seconds. Girls do not stand for the slander of anyone– it is not tolerated. So many go above what is expected of them and show a constant care and compassion for the other ladies surrounding them.

I’m beyond grateful to be in an environment where my female peers are always supporting each other. Of course, there are still issues, but the changes I’ve seen in the past three years in school have been colossal. Individuals consistently make an effort to go out of their way to spread joy to others. On top of that, girls are all doing their best to be inclusive, caring, and supportive. Quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else with this environment. The women of FHC have one thing right: girl power.