Predictions for the first round of the playoffs against Mattawan

Sports Report Staff

Jake’s score prediction: FHC 42 – Mattawan 7

Why: I think FHC made an adjustment against the wing-T offense of Cedar Springs, and executed that adjustment exquisitely in the second half. They will carry over their knowledge gained from week eight against the Red Hawks, and use this to stop their offense early. Don’t forget that FHC is at home and excelled last season in the playoffs when in front of their own fans against Battle Creek Lakeview 52-7. This team is the best team since 1992 and will play like it tonight at home.

Bold statement: The Ranger defense comes up with three turnovers, two via interceptions and one via fumble.

Jessie’s score prediction: FHC 32 – Mattawan 7

Why: FHC is excited going into this game as they come off an undefeated season and start playoffs. FHC knows they have the potential to beat Mattawan but is not going into the game as if it is a blowoff game. They know they have the potential to go far in playoffs and want to be able to reach their goal. With many of the players being seniors, they want to finish off their season very strong.

Bold statement: Mo Guerrier and Cam Deines will combine with four touchdowns.

Tommy’s score prediction: FHC 35 – Mattawan 10

Why: Mattawan is giving up around 25 points per game, and they had never faced an offensive powerhouse like the Rangers. FHC also has lots of momentum from last week at Wayland, where they scored 35 points and will continue to score at will. Mattawan does have a good offense, but the FHC defense has shown lots of strong sports throughout the season, such as only holding Lowell to 6 points.

Bold statement: Luke Majick throws for 3 touchdowns on the night.