Audrey’s Sports Blog: The Losing Lions

Audrey Sidebotham , Sports Reporter

Almost everyone can say that they have been a Lions fan for part of their life, but they gave up after a while. My family and I have not yet, however it’s about time we do.

We start the season with big hopes for the Lions. They usually lose their first game, but we still have faith in them for the rest of the season. We continue to watch and watch every game. It doesn’t get much better. They occasionally win a game here and there, but the winning streak just doesn’t continue.

The Lions 4-4 record hasn’t completely disappointed me. It’s a better start than most seasons. Their record might be higher than usual, but their record is below many other teams.

Being a Lions fan has many things that come with it. One being everyone makes fun of you for liking them. We know everyone has moved on from the Lions and they’ve lost hope, yet I haven’t.

Another thing that comes with being a Lions fan is the anger for the referees. The Lions may be worse than your average football team, but the refs don’t help them at all. They continuously make horrendous calls and flags that only make them lose more and more points. Controlling the anger for the referees is a difficult task. Still to this day, I jump up and yell at my television.

The Lions might not be all that astounding, but Darius Slay JR. never fails to amaze me. He is one of the best cornerbacks the Lions have ever had. Despite having over 200 tackles and 9 important interceptions, he gets a minuscule amount of recognition. For making the Lions worth watching, he should get much more.

The Lions may have their perks, but they’re not the only team who struggles. Watching the Lions game of the week is still something I look forward to everyday. For those who have given up, I understand why, but I will never not be a die hard Lions fan.