Q&A with past athletes from FHC: Sean Wing


Jessica Borowsky, Sports Reporter

Name: Sean Wing

College you are attending: Aquinas College

Sport: Baseball

Year graduated: 2017

What is it like to play sports in college?

“Playing a sport in college has been really great so far. It’s definitely a lot of work, but if you’re passionate about playing a college sport I would recommend pursuing it.”
How does your sport differ from high school to college?

“There are a few differences between high school and college baseball. Unlike high school, college baseball is a year round sport. We play a few games in the fall, train all winter, then play most of our games in the spring. Another difference is the size of the team. In high school, we had 18 players. My college team has 44 players so it’s a little weird to have that many teammates.”

What is it like to represent your school in sports?

“At Aquinas, close to 50% of the students who go there play a sport. Everyone is really passionate about the sport they play and I always see everyone wearing their sport’s gear.”

How did you transition from high school to college?

“My transition from high school to College was relatively easy. I think FHC did a really good job preparing me for life in college. My first semester didn’t seem any harder than my average semester at FHC.”

What is your favorite part about playing sports in college? Why?

“My favorite part about playing a sport in college is definitely the connections that I have made. I’ve become really close with all the baseball guys and that honestly made my transition from high school to college easier.”

What is the hardest part about playing sports in college? Why?

“The hardest part is managing my time and scheduling classes. Because we have practice every day, it’s tough to schedule classes around the time we have practice. Managing time is tough too because I don’t have as much free time as other students do, so I have to make sure I’m keeping up with all of my assignments.”

How have you balanced academics and sports in college?

“It hasn’t been too tough to balance baseball and school so far. I keep a planner to keep track of all my assignments, otherwise I’d eventually forget to do some of them.”