Player Profile: Cole Kaminski


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Name: Cole Kaminski

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Wrestling

Weight Class: 135

How long have you wrestled for?

“This will be my 6th year wrestling.”

Who inspired you to start?

“I really don’t have an inspiration for starting, but I guess my friends convinced me to try it.”

What is the hardest part about wrestling? Why?

“The mental game. You can train your body as much as you want, but if you have poor mental toughness and only think about the negative, there is no way you’ll go anywhere.”

If you need to cut weight, what are your techniques for doing so?

“I try to eat little amounts of food during the day to keep my metabolism going.”

Could you please compare the individual aspect of the sport to the team? How does the team help you?

“Honestly I think the team is the most important part of this sport. I’ll admit, wrestling is hard, long, and grueling. Waking up at 6 am on a Saturday morning for tournaments isn’t fun. Practices can be intense. The guys on the team are so important because they are going through exactly what you are. Day in and day out we are all supporting and cheering each other on. Honestly, most of us are really close. I met some of my best friends through wrestling.”

What do you do in your offseason to prepare?

“In the offseason, I go to summer workouts and practices, run and visualize the season to come.”

Do you have any awards, trophies, medals, or places you’re proud of?

“I recently won a metal in our first tournament for going 4-1, so that is pretty cool.”

What is your outlook for the season?

“The whole team is working hard in practice, and I think we are getting somewhere, even with all of our new guys.”