Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Sam Hopkins, Staff Writer

Sitting on my couch in the basement, I had just completed all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. Immediately, a question was brought to the forefront of my mind:

Why did I watch this?

It wasn’t that I was upset with the quality of the show. Not at all.  I was upset that I had seen such an incredible show that almost none other could possibly top. It was at that moment I realized I had reached the pinnacle of shows. I was so consumed by this show, and I was so invested in it. Finishing episode thirteen of season five, I realized that Friday Night Lights was one of the most incredible TV sports thrillers I had ever seen.

Starting out in the small, outskirts town of Dillon, Texas, coach Eric Taylor (played by Kyle Chandler) and his family prepare for yet another football season. Football is taken very seriously in this small Texan town, and an abundance of pressure is put on Eric as he takes over as the new head coach. Since last season did not go as planned, the town of Dillon is expecting big things with the entry of a new skipper.

Taking your emotions for a roller coaster ride, Friday Night Lights has a little something for all types of viewers.  Every episode manages to cover the whole spectrum and provides entertainment for teens as well as adults.   Not only is this a show about football, Friday Night Lights gives an excellent display of in depth look at a high schooler’s life.  From season to season, the plot is always changing, keeping the viewer immensely hooked and invested for all five seasons.

Actors Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen) and Aimee Teegarden (Julie Taylor) do an astounding job of playing their key roles throughout the entirety of the show.  With the rapid changing of background casts, director Peter Berg manages the show perfectly, keeping the main characters as the center of attention even with all of the moving pieces. With numerous storylines all going on at once, viewers will remain locked on and adsorbed to the screen in front of them.

With a bittersweet ending, episode thirteen of season five sends viewers away, having wrapped up the majority of the characters stories in an unexpectable, yet unique way.  From college acceptance, to enlisting in the military, the series finale is a nail biter.