Alias Review


Maddie Yob, Staff Writer

I first started Alias when it first showed up on Netflix. It wasn’t the first time that I heard of this somewhat old TV show, as my aunt and cousins were always talking about the entertaining show and how the number 47 was always haunting the main character Sydney Bristow.

Sydney Bristow is a college graduate who believes that she is in the CIA, but after many suspicious events including the death of her fiance, Sydney learns that she is working for the very enemy that she thought she was fighting against. This turns Sydney to the real CIA, to break down this rogue international agency.

Watching this show for the first time, it was hard to keep up because of so many different characters and different problems in one episode. But, as I settled in and started to understand who was who and what they were doing, I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this show. Maybe it was its resemblance to my favorite show Criminal Minds or maybe it was the thrilling but romantic pleasure that I got when I hit play.

Alias resembles to Criminal Minds is very vague, there are no dead bodies being overly examined or even crime scenes to study. The part that is similar to Criminal Minds is the action that goes with chasing the killers, terrorists, or robbers. Alias truly makes you test and examine the lives that we live and what is happening in the countries and the world around us.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Alias and not talk about the mysterious number 47. Throughout the 5 seasons, the only number that is used for evidence is 47. I doesn’t  matter if it’s an apartment, a phone number, a page number, or pictures there are always 47 of them, or it is always apartment number 47.

According to the cast, which contains Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, Ron Rifkin and many others this was a joke on set that lasted the 5 seasons that they were together. This inside joke was an interesting mystery that kept me entertained and intrigued me until the end of the show.

Alias was not cancelled because of decreased viewership, but it was simply cancelled because the spy life of Sydney Bristow sadly ended. Although, the ending wasn’t everything that I hoped for it, made me happy to see Sydney move on from the profession that took so much.