Humans of FHC: Abby McAlindon


“I’ve been skiing since I was seven years old, and I’ve loved it since the day I started. It allows me to let loose and flow with my movements. Skiing started out as just something fun to go do with my family, and to do on family vacations out in Utah or Colorado. We learned all the basics of skiing from my dad; but as my sister Courtney and I progressed in our skiing, we realized we wanted to take it further than just skiing for fun. We soon found Boyne Racing, which is based up at Boyne Mountain Ski Area, and have trained with them ever since. High school ski team is so much fun, and the people are really just some of the best. One of my favorite memories from ski team was on race days finishing my runs and coming down to the bottom to find my coaches, and ski team parents, all cheering for me.”