Tate Hallock is living his best life through his journey with sports


Once senior Tate Hallock gets talking about sports, it’s hard to get him to stop.

Ask him about football, and the memories of playing youth football come easily to him.  Bring up basketball, and he’s quick to talk about his buddies and last year’s season. Even asking him about his siblings leads to discussions about Division 1 football and basketball.

Tate isn’t defined by sports, but it is clear that his love of competition and athletics has helped create the world he and his family live in.

“How much of my life [has been dedicated to sports]?” Tate asked. “My whole life. I have this whole world of sports that I am living in. This world was created through all of the time I have spent with sports.”

Tate has been living in this world of sports ever since he was a kid. While some of his talents came naturally, he had to work for the rest. He put in countless hours and pushed himself to become the best athlete he could be.

“I don’t regret any of [my time dedicated to football],” Tate said. “The more I worked, the more successful I became. I was doing everything I wanted to be doing when I was on the field.”

Yet, there is so much more in Tate’s world of sports that is unknown to everyone who just knows him as the athlete. Tate’s story consists of several important figures in his life who got him to where he is today.

One of these figures who paved Tate’s path to success is his brother Tanner Hallock. Throughout all of the years of sports, Tanner has always been by Tate’s side, whether it was on the field or on the sideline. Sports are the base of the bond between them, but there is so much more to their friendship than just that base.

“When [my brother and I] were kids, we obviously fought a lot,” Tate said, “but as we got older we bonded a lot more. Ever since then, we have been super close. It’s ride or die with him.”

While having his brother as his best friend, on and off the field, Tate also has his dad to thank for making him the athlete he is today. Sports have played a huge role in the relationship between Tate and his dad. Growing up, Tate’s dad was always playing a sport with him or watching him compete in one. He was always there to be his biggest supporter and help him become the best he could be.

“[My dad] has been my coach and my dad,” Tate said. “He’s has always been there to push me, and everything he has done made me who I am today. He gave me a role model to learn from. I couldn’t be where I am today, with the opportunities I have, without him.”

While his brother and his dad have constantly been creating milestones on Tate’s journey to becoming the athlete he is today, the life lessons he learned through sports, specifically football, led to him growing as a player and a person.

“[Football] has taught me a lot,” Tate said. “I learned that, sometimes, you just need to shut your mouth, listen, and just overall be patient and appreciate the little things, like the brotherhood that comes with the game.”

These life lessons have shaped the athlete that Tate is today. They are another continent in Tate’s world of sports.

Furthermore, one last key part of this world Tate has created for himself is the support he receives from his mom and sister. His sister has always been one of his biggest supporters. Tate’s mom has three kids who are all involved in sports at different places, yet, somehow, she manages to be there for every single one of Tate’s games. With three kids doing all different things, Tate’s mom still has time to always be there for him.

“[My mom] has done so much for me,” Tate said. “There is so much I would and do thank her for. She deals with me when I’m a hassle and does all of the little things for me that I could easily do myself. She sacrifices a lot for me, and I’m so thankful for that.”

All of these important factors in Tate’s life have brought him to become who he is today: a Michigan State football commit. He is excited to continue this journey of sports that he has been following his entire life.

Tate said he has all he needs when he is playing sports.

“I am happiest on the field,” Tate said. “That’s where I am always surrounded by all of the most important people in my life all at once.”